Guided Hands Special

 ~ Holiday Energy Power Boost ~
Greetings Beloved One ~

I hope and pray that all is flowing with you, as we continue to ride the Wave of Wonderment .

We know our truths, our strengths and abilities, and we know how to stay in our protective bubble. 

But . . . every now and again, there is a weakening to our individual system, due to an influx of “lower density” energy/entities that we are all dealing with. With each powerful wave, shift, or cycle that passes by, we strive to Rise, and yet sometimes the climb seems tiresome and hard to achieve. 

As much as we TRY to relieve ourselves from ‘others’ fear and doubt, energetically we are ‘ all ’ connected, and we can still feel a certain trace amount of ‘their’ energy. As hard as we try to keep our heads above the clouded smog of condensation, sometimes we end up getting caught in the mayhem of their midday mishaps. 

Although there may be times of trouble, and it may even double from those who still live and operate from fear and doubt, there is a LIGHT that helps LIFT us back into our gifts, and Rise Above it all. It does take effort, time and patience, and it does take a willingness to forgive the person, place or situation that has presented itself to thee.

It has been a VERY LONG YEAR . And with only 1 more month left, to yet another New Year, let us help Clear the Condensation, the Smog, the Busyness of the Body’s makeup that may be stuck, stopped or stranded in the past or other people’s energy fields.   Help yourself to be the LIGHTER body to a New Beginning, by receiving a Quick Holiday Energy Power Boost .  

To help improve your BEST-SELF , I am offering a 15-Minute Holiday Energy POWER Boost PHONE-SESSION to RE-Charge, RE-Generate, RE-Juvenate, RE-Calibrate, and RE-Adapt into the Source of Serenity .
This Quick Holiday Energy Power Boost is to help Amplify and Quantum-fy YOUR Energy Fields, in the assistance to help you gain NEW ENERGY

December is one of our busiest times of the year, the hustle and bustle can be very draining and tiresome. 

We all know we are super busy, but this is the time to stop, reflect and receive, as a Key to Keep Going with what is still yet to be done. We want it to be Fun, not Stressful!

This Quick Holiday Energy Power Boost is a 15-minute Phone Session/Activation , that can be done from the leisure of your home, or on your work break or lunch hour, sitting in a car outside your holiday shopping experience, or wherever you are.

This Quick Holiday Energy Power Boost 15-minute Phone Session/Activation is offered for the rest of November and selective dates in December. 

May you ultimately be blessed in the light of love, calmness and peace. May you be offered the wealth and health of New Codes to uplift and gift your Embodiment New Energy, stimulating and creating Balance in your Life.

Quick Holiday Energy Power Boost 15-minute Phone Session/Activation

Upon receipt, you will receive an email for dates and time availability. 
And So, it is.     
Mary Martin

Guided Hands  offers  Energy Experiences  to assist in Spiritual  Activation's , while  Awakening  the Embodiment’s System during this  Accessional  Process.
As a Minister, Messenger, Medium, Mentor, Mediator, Muse and Modern-Day Mystic, Mary helps people connect to their Spiritual Embodiment, through their Akashic Records, Activation's, Karmic Balancing, Attunement's, Clearings, Healings, and Blessings by Teaching and Assisting one to raise and maintain their own vibrational frequency.
As a Humanitarian and Spiritual Teacher, she has dedicated her life and abilities to helping people Worldwide and is committed in these services through travels, healings, messages, teachings and charitable offerings as a Mother of Many.

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