Philadelphia, PA – Part of the joy of having a baby, toddler or young child in the family is the fun of buying toys for them. But think of how much more meaningful it will be if your budget includes giving the parents specially designed equipment that can save their children’s lives in all-too-common emergency situations. recommends making gifts of the following safety items, which are available at major retailers and online at a range of price levels:

resqme™ stocking stuffers

The made-in-the-USA emergency escape tool resqme™ (pronounced “rescue me”) hooks easily on a keychain. It can save lives in seconds when used to break a car window to rescue a child or pet. It will also quickly cut through a seat belt to allow escape from a burning or sinking vehicle. Available for only $7.50 each, the resqme tool makes a perfect stocking stuffer for every parent or grandparent on your list. Order at . All proceeds go to to save children’s lives.  

Backup cameras and/or sensors

Backup cameras and sensors can be retrofitted onto any vehicle. Now that they come standard in all new vehicles (as of May 2018), prices have come down dramatically. Backup cameras can be purchased online or from a local auto shop. Every week in the U.S., at least 50 children, often toddlers, are backed over because they cannot be seen behind the vehicle, usually being driven by a parent or grandparent. 

Car seats with reminder alerts

To help prevent a baby or toddler from being inadvertently left in a vehicle, car seats are available with have SensorSafe™ technology to alert the driver that the child is in the back seat. When the ignition is turned off, an audio alert warns the driver with an audio alert.

Trunk releases

If someone has a car older than model year 2002, it likely does not have a glow-in-the-dark trunk release to prevent a child from being trapped inside the car trunk. These easy-to-install trunk release kits are just $6.99, and are only available through at . Not one person has died in the trunk of a car with a trunk release!  

Hat, gloves and blanket

 Instead of a puffy jacket or other bulky clothing, give a hat-and-gloves set and baby blanket to keep the child warm while being transported. No coats or bulky clothing should be worn in a car seat because it prevents the child from being strapped in tightly enough, and in the event of a crash can cause the child to be ejected and seriously injured or killed.

About Founded in 1996, is the only national nonprofit child safety organization dedicated solely to preventing injuries and deaths of children in and around vehicles. promotes awareness among parents, caregivers and the general public about the dangers to children, including backover and frontover incidents, and heatstroke from being unknowingly left in a vehicle. The organization works to prevent tragedies through data collection, education and public awareness, policy change and survivor advocacy. |