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Dear All,

I hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as possible under the circumstances. I have not been in touch because I spilled salad dressing on my computer and am now working, sleeping, eating, etc. in my car due to the 5G WIFI upgrade my neighbor had, whose radiation I am unable to block, so can no longer use my apartment...thus the salad dressing incident. Anyway, I will be sending out our end of year news letter this week now that my computers back, but had to get this to you right away and I also felt it deserved its own email so it won't get lost in my upcoming, back logged, behemoth end of year news letter.

I try not to get too off topic and stay on EMFs and other gov malfeasance that adversely effects our health, but this does fit the government malfeasance bill. Below is a once in a lifetime, "data dump" from our friends at WIKILEAKS. We believe because Assange may now be extradited and/or prosecuted, he decided just to expose things. Copy, download and re-send asap before it all "magically disappears" from the internet. In my digging into this I found some fascinating videos of Assange, etc. Its a labrynth with one link leading to hundreds of others, etc. The titles may all have the same year, 1984, etc. but but no worries, they are from much more recent years.

My friend who sent this to me prefers anonymity, so not sure if I have his permission to credit him or not. If so I will do so in my next news letter if he allows, once I hear back from him.

The below "data dump" from Wikileaks is an enormous amount of their files, including but not limited to...

WHO pandemic,
Steve Jobs HIV Diagnosis,
Vegas shooting done by FBI sniper,
CIA agents and rape,
Hillary Clinton's emails,
McCain's being guilty,
"Pedo Podesta",

Merry Christmas and happy digging,