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Hoffman Nursery will close Wednesday, Dec. 24 and reopen Monday, Jan. 5. for the New Year. 
The Fabulous EverColor� Sedges
Year-round color and a smashingly smart habit. That's what EverColor� sedges bring to the party. We're pleased to offer five selections from this exciting collection. They're fun, bright, and outstanding in containers or as groundcovers.

These sedges are easy to care for and irresistible in finished sizes. Pat Fitzgerald, of Fitzgerald Nurseries, Ltd. in Ireland, developed the series out of old favorite, C. oshimensis 'Evergold'. Read more about our EverColor� selections.

EverColor Sedges

We'll have all these selections for you to see in January at the winter shows. Come by our booth at CENTS in Columbus, Ohio, MANTS in Baltimore, Maryland, or Green & Growin' in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Some quantities are limited, so make sure you book your plants soon. To get numbers and details, go to our Availability & Pricing page.

Water and Green Infrastructure
Water Recycling at Hoffman Nursery Recycling water at the nursery
It used to be common to move storm water off a property as quickly as possible. The water was whisked away, collected, and then treated somehow. However, with increased development and increasingly severe weather events, the old systems are being overwhelmed. And it can be prohibitively expensive to adapt these systems to handle the increased demand.

In the rural area where our nursery lies, we've seen a rise in development that increases runoff locally. We're doing our part to manage storm water wisely and to create a system that's sustainable and ecologically sound. That's where green infrastructure and grasses come in.

Find out how we're keeping water on site and where it goes.
In the News
New Director at JC Raulston Arboretum Mark Weathington at the JCRA
After an extensive search, Mark Weathington has been named Director of the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University. All of us at the nursery are pleased for Mark and the Arboretum. He's a wonderful person and plantsman, and we've enjoyed working with him in his role as Assistant Director.  

We look forward to more collaboration and a bright future for the Arboretum. To find out more about Mark, go to the story here.
Saving Our SoilsInternational Year of Soils
According to the Soil Science Society of America, we're losing fertile soils at an alarming rate. Soils are a limited resource that's subject to urbanization, poor management, and degradation.  

Of course, when we think of soil, we immediately think of grasses. Although many grass species are adapted to poor soils, their presence builds better soil. Extensive, branching root systems improve water infiltration, stabilize soils, and reduce erosion. As portions of the root systems die, the biomass helps renew soils and provides nutrients for living plants. 

While we think grasses can do a lot, it will take more to save our soils. To raise awareness and promote sustainability of our limited soil resources, 2015 has been declared the International Year of Soils. As part of the celebration, sponsoring organizations have developed curricula around soils and made tools available for educators. Even for us horticulture folks, there's a lot to learn.

Did you know:
  • A 1% increase in organic matter results in as much as 25,000 gallons of available soil water per acre.
  • One teaspoon of soil contains between 100 million and 1 billion individual bacteria.
  • It can take more than 500 years to form one inch of topsoil.
  • You can find out what soil you're standing on using a smartphone app. 
To learn more about the facts above and to dive into really cool soil science, try NRCS's Soil Health Awareness and the Soil Science Society's Discover Soils.

For more info on events and resources, visit NRCS's International Year of Soils and the Soil Science Society of America's site, International Year of Soils.
Obsessing About Grasses with Fine Gardening AN OBSESSIVE NEUROTIC GARDENER
Fine Gardening publishes a garden photo of the day, and one of our favorite gardeners was featured last month. John Markowski writes as An Obsessive Neurotic Gardener, and he is a huge fan of ornamental grasses.

His New Jersey garden reflects his passion, and the Fine Gardening photos show how beautiful a fall garden can be. The grasses and plant combinations are lovely and textured. It's worth a look to see what he's done.
Time for Winter Shows!
CENTS in Columbus, Ohio
CENTS Our trade show year starts off with CENTS happening the first week. Come by Booth 2108 and see our new lineup of EverColor� Sedges and find out why we're thrilled with them.

Our Nursery Manager, Scott Epps will be giving two talks on grasses the first day of the show. The earlier talk covers grasses more generally, while the second focuses on the functionality they provide in the landscape. 
  • Using Ornamental Grasses in Designs That Thrive - This lecture will cover the range of ornamental grasses available and how to grow them well in the garden. Scott will talk about culture and maintenance and discuss how to use grasses well to take best advantage of their ornamental qualities. Jan. 7, 8-9 am.
  • Ornamental & Native Grasses for Today's Garden -  Create landscapes that are environmentally sound using low maintenance, low input grasses. This talk focuses on the functionality and sustainability of grasses and sedges, with an emphasis on native species and cultivars. Jan. 7, 1:30-2:30 pm.
Green & Growin' Green & Growin' in Greensboro, North Carolina
Right in our back yard, this show is always a homecoming. We'll be in our usual spot at Booths 533 & 534

There's plenty of room to show you our new lineup of EverColor� sedges. They're perfectly suited for our southern gardens and are especially welcome in winter months.

The educational classes take place Tuesday and Wednesday, while the trade show runs Thursday and Friday. It's a don't miss for North Carolina, so we'll see you there!

MANTS in Baltimore, MarylandMANTS
It's one of the biggies, and we love going to this show. It's a whirlwind of friends and colleagues. We hear about projects and news from all up and down the East Coast.

In Booths 412 & 414, there's room to maneuver and show you the latest lineup. Our EverColor� Sedges will be featured, so come by and see what they're all about. With year-round color and a showy habit, they're perfect for containers or as groundcover.

MANTS is also a chance to share your news and find our what we can do for your grass program. Come on by!
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