Happy Holidays In A Crazy, Thankful and Positive Anniversary Year!

Greetings Friends
First and foremost - I want to send out my positive thoughts and well wishes that you and your families are all doing well, staying healthy and wearing your masks when out and about.  It's a crazy time for all of us but we will get through this together and the light will shine bright at the end of the tunnel. My wish is that we all will stand together stronger and more unified than ever before throughout the entire world.

I have been keeping busy as things have gone mostly online for most of us.  Teaching online private lessons, remote recording sessions and my Zoom classes for Musicians Institute.  I am thankful that I have my studio space here at home and I am still able to work, even if in this limited capacity.  Technology is your friend and will be of even greater importance as we move forward through this lockdown, stay at home period and beyond.

It is unfortunate that live playing and travel, touring etc. have all come to a halt or very minimized for many of us, however, I am looking forward to the day when all of these things will return and surely wish for us all, it will be sooner than later. 

On a more positive note...!  One of the most exciting things to announce, even in the midst of all the current conditions, is that I am celebrating the 40th Anniversary of my Advanced Funk Studies book this year.  I can't believe that it was in 1980 that I first wrote, published and mailed it out from my dining room table.  The book remains an International best seller today and is used by leading schools and teaching studios throughout the world.  Even though so many 40th celebratory events and performances have been canceled or postponed there were still some cool things that have happened throughout the year. Please read on for some of the many interesting things that have been going on.  And please be sure to check out my new Holiday CD, A Groovy Little Christmas below with Pianist Bob Luna and give a listen.

All the best,

Happy Holidays, Stay Safe and wishing you all Good Health & Happiness.


40th Anniversary Epic Zoom Hang
In October, I hosted a very special Live online Zoom event which featured the influential drummers that inspired me to write Advanced Funk Studies.  This was a really fun hang which we talked about, listened to and commented on the original recordings of the grooves I transcribed in the book.  It meant so much to me that all of the greats that inspired me to write the book agreed to take part in this one of a kind get together.  Thanks again to Steve Gadd, David Garibaldi, Peter Erskine, Paul Leim, Gerry Brown, Ed Greene and Moon Calhoun for being a part of  this epic  hang.  Also a big thank you to Rob Wallis for helping out online.
You can still watch the entire zoom event on my Facebook page at the following link:

I've also been busy doing several live master-classes, workshops and special Lesson segments for several of my endorsement companies and various schools and organizations around the world.  Here are few screen shots from these fun events as well.

(above) Live Zoom Master-Class with Ukraine Drummers

   Percussion Marketing Counsel Webinar           Promark Master-Class                      Online Collaborations                    
Now available....
NEW Holiday CD 

Memorable Times From Over The Years (from my 25th Anniversary DVD Shoot)

2020 marks the 40th Anniversary of my Advanced Funk Studies book.....Unbelievable!!!
(Click on the image for a preview)
2020 ANNIVERSARY 40 Years Of Funk
2020 ANNIVERSARY 40 Years Of Funk

Thanks as always to my endorsement companies for their loyal support.

"Only you can set the tempo of your life... Keep It Steady" - Rick Latham