Yes, St. Simons, there is a Santa Claus.
In 1897 a little girl named Virginia wrote a letter to The New York Sun. "Is Santa Claus real?," she asked. The editor quickly answered on the editorial page: "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." The editor went on to explain that Santa Claus is embodied in the love, devotion and acts of generosity that we show to each other on a daily basis. This true story has now become part of holiday lore.
It may be stretching the point slightly, but here at the Land Trust we sense the spirit of Santa Claus in the love, devotion and acts of generosity that our supporters feel and do for this beautiful place where we live or visit. Over the course of a year we engage with literally hundreds and hundreds of people who donate their time and money to the protection of St. Simons. Why? Because, like Santa Claus, they want to make dreams come true.
While children may dream of presents to be unwrapped, at the Land Trust we and our supporters dream of an island that is protected and connected so that future generations may enjoy what we now enjoy. We are so grateful that we share this dream together. There will never be another St. Simons Island. Let's make the most of our opportunity.
Please support our shared dream with your year-end gift to the Land Trust. It will be for all of us.
David H. Pope
Executive Director

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