"A Day of Wellness"
Well if I can sum up the day I would have to say awesome, wonderful, a great success and lets do it again! I cannot thank or say enough, about all who participated, who contributed, who supported and at the end of a full day, to the ladies who sang their hearts out!


We raised over $300. for the AIDS Committee North Bay and Area,
Over $100. plus food for the Gathering Place
and almost 200lbs of food for the Callander and Area Food Bank!

We had just shy of 100 people in for the concert and a steady flow of 30 or so at a time for the wellness day!
Christmas Classes
Yoga with Nicky during the holidays!
Tues Dec 27 - 10am, 
Wed Dec 28 - 6pm 
Thurs Dec 29 - 10am


HO HO HO it's that time of year again, looking to give the "Gift of Health", we have gift certificates available. 

Also the New Year is going to bring along some  changes to our way we do things... First is Karma Week, then we have a new bonus class system. On Monday night, Wednesday night and Saturday morning we have a sort of 2 for one class bonus. When you take the restorative class you can choose to stay for the second class, on us! The "bonus" classes are set up to complement you in your life, help you to "fix or help" the aching spot even more, reduce stress, deal with pain etc. We figure times are tough and we get it (we have never turned anyone away cause of financial reasons and never will), we also want to help you take charge of your own health and wellness so that you have control. We also want to reward you for taking the time to take care of yourself, and recognize that if you are willing to put extra time into yourself, so are we, why because you are worth it, and because we believe that what we do works and helps...

Call 705 752 0294 or 705 493 0692 for more details or visit our website ohanawellness.ca

Karma Week (Free Unlimited Class Pass) 
Jan 2 - 7th Follow our  Winter 2017 Class Schedule (check website for any changes)
6:00pm - Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) - Nicky 
7:35pm - How it Works - YOGA (60min) - Nicky & Darren (BONUS)

10:00am - Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) - Nicky 
1:30pm - Chair Yoga (60min) - Nicky 
6:00pm - Kundalini Yoga - (70min) Kathleen 
7:30pm - Omgym (70min) Pr-register Only 7 Spaces - Darren

10:00am - Fascia Yoga Therapy (60min) - Nicky 
6:00pm - Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) - Nicky 
7:30pm - Yoga Nidra / Meditation (30min) - Nicky (BONUS)

10:00am - Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) - Nicky 
6:00pm - Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga (70min) - Rob
6:00pm - Hoop & Groove Class - Shannon 
7:00pm - Move & Groove Class - Shannon

10:30am - Finding Your Quiet Centre - Mary

10:00am - Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) - Nicky
11:40am - Yoga for Pain & Stress - Nicky (BONUS)

Tuesday - Yoga with Nicky at Vinyasa Yoga Studio 
(old Tweedsmuir School) - 176 Lakeshore Drive, North Bay 
 6:45pm - Beginner Restorative Round Body Yoga (90min) - Nicky

Drop In Fee $15.00
5 class pass $62.50 + tax  --   10 class pass $112.50 + tax 
1 month unlimited $140.00 + tax  - from date of purchase
3 month unlimited $290.00 + tax  - from date of purchase
*** Ask about our bonus class system!
*** Class pass system
*** 10% discount for  students & seniors on passes (60 yrs plus)
*** Separate fees for "Hoop & Groove"  and "Move & Groove" classes globalgroovedancer.com

A Christmas note from Nicky
"May your days be merry and bright"

Well 2016 is almost at an end and as I reflect back I think... wow it went so fast! All in all it was a great year, full of twists and turns... truly a good learning over all.

An update on our family, we are healthy, happy and on our way to making our paths and life choices the best way that we know how. Learning as a family and as individuals how to walk our path. For the most part Darren and I are now empty nesters and Cole is learning those oh so wonderful lessons of balancing life, school, his own home, job, so that too is exciting. For us it has definitely been a year of learning. One of our biggest lessons and dearest reminders is it is better to stay put on the path, than to recreate a new one that will eventually look and feel almost the same as what you already have. lol Sounds crazy but true, going back to our "whys" really helped put things into perspective and we are so happy about our decisions to stay put at our lovely Ohana. So we are not moving, we are not changing our lives, we are continuing on with love and light and for the greater good of ourselves and our community.

Under our roof in the New Year we will be offering even more to you from cooking classes to more wellness days, workshops, classes and retreats... so stay tuned for our new schedule of events.

I want to talk a little about Emotional Wellness throughout the Holiday Season... There is so much to do this time of year, it becomes easy for us to become overwhelmed and overtaxed and then ad the pile up of family, emotions, stress anxiety and whatever else comes your way during the holidays, remember to take care of you. If you have anxiety, watch for symptoms, if you suffer from depression, be aware of what is happening so "life doesn't sneak up on you!'

Developing a plan and practice coping skills is essential at this time of year. Here are a few suggestions that you may try to implement so that you have a meaningful, joyous and stress free season!

Learn to SAY NO - To others and to yourself

Keep in your budget, do not over spend or exceed it. Try a "special card" - store bought or self made and include a personal short message if possible about how you feel or what you see in that person. It is ok to make small thoughtful gifts instead on splurging on big expensive ones that you cannot afford, spend time not money.

Give yourself the gift of time, of course you are to spend time with others but give yourself an hour or so just for you. Counts all that came into your life in the past year, whatever it was remember you made it through and it may not be what you expected but you are still here and you made it through. 

Prioritize your functions and send out sincere apologies to the ones you have to miss. Make a date with those people in the New Year, it may be even more special than the party you just missed.

It is also OK to let go of old traditions and start new ones. Decide which ones are worth keeping and which ones are not worth the mental, emotional and physical effort they demand. Choose the things that are manageable for you, and surround yourself with the most important things and people in your life. No guilt, if there is not glitter... it is about the spark that shines from within you, not from the outside.

Learn to SAY YES - Do not hesitate to accept help!

Lean on the support of others and do not be afraid to delegate a job or two. It will lesson the load for you and allow others to be involved, they may need to help as well. 

Volunteer your time and energy to a worthy cause is also a good way to put things into perspective, there is a lot of comfort knowing that you are making a difference and doing something that matters.

Go for a massage, a walk, meditation, do some yoga, watch the birds... whatever, but do something for you, your body and mind will thank you. 

Always acknowledge and accept your limits, then enjoy the holiday season within them.

This concludes my message for this year, may your days be merry and bright and may you have a wonderful holiday season.

And lastly I would like to say to you THANK YOU! Thank you for your many years of support, for your belief in us, for the care that you give to yourself and for being part of our OHANA "our family", you all mean so much to us!
Love and light, see you on the mat!
We have space to rent... and are looking for the right people to complement our businesses!

Two Rooms plus shared reception / office space, could also be used to retail supplies to patients/clients.

Each room has a sink in it as well as in-floor heating, with wheelchair access.

The rooms would be perfect for Chiropractor, Physician, Physio Therapist, Athletic Therapist, Counselling Services, Massage Therapist, Personal Coach or Fitness Trainer or wellness practice. There are two rooms plus an additional reception/office area as well as the use of two different studio's during non scheduled times. 

Business class internet, ample parking, and the opportunity for co-advertising with established yoga & wellness business, that share same location. 

If you are interested or know of someone who would be interested please contact info@ohanawellness.ca or call Nicky at 705 752 0294 or 705 493 0692  

Dielle Raymond,
Naturopathic Doctor

Can a Naturopath Help Me? 

Wondering if you have a concern that a naturopathic doctor can address? Naturopathic medicine is able to meet your interests, either in preventing disease or helping you become as healthy as you can be.  Naturopathic Doctors are primary health care practitioners, which means that they can treat many of the same conditions as a family doctor. In the event that a Naturopathic Doctor is unable to treat your condition, he or she will refer appropriately. 

To book an appointment with Doctor Dielle Raymond please call  705 752 0294
Link to Additional Resource http://www.ohanawellness.ca/index.php/practitioners/
Darren Renaud,
Certified Instructor/ Kinesiologist/ Holistic Pratitioner / co-Founder

Darren has been teaching yoga for ten years and practicing for twelve. He is one of Canada's first certified OmGym® instructors and his background in kinesiology, anatomy, and eastern holistic practices brings a unique depth to his teachings. Darren is a certified in Myofascial Release (MFR), is a Reiki Master, a Chek® HLC2, and has over twenty five years practicing various martial arts, and meditation. With all of this combined, you can expect a focus on the mind body connection, helping you to maximize the efficiency of movement and thought.
What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release therapy (MFR) was developed to specifically address the fascia, the connective tissue that runs like a three-dimensional web throughout the body. MFR involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

How is MFR Different?

Fascia runs through the body in a web, penetrating and supporting every bodily system. Traditional therapies will often address only muscles and their insertions and origins. But fascia can form longer lines of tension, such as those running from the front of your right shoulder to the back of your left hip. Restrictions in the fascial web can cause strange referred pain and discomfort. For example, tension in the left leg could refer discomfort into the left side of your rib cage. Additionally, dysfunction in your lower spine can easily cause headaches. Therefore, MFR does not simply treat symptoms. We assess the body for myofascial restrictions and work with you to relieve the restriction, wherever we find it.

And the results last.

What Symptoms can MFR Treat?

MFR Therapy can provide relief if you are suffering from symptoms such as:
  •          Back pain
  •          Sprains and strains
  •          Poor posture
  •          Neck and shoulder pain
  •          Pain in arms, elbows, wrists and hands, fingers - loss of grip
  •          Pains in hips, legs, knees and feet, toes
  •          Pain in the head, face, jaw
  •          Pain in the pelvis, groin, sacrum
  •          Localised or general body stiffness, aches or pains
  •          Muscle pain, weakness and tension
  •          Inflammation and swelling
  •          Restricted movements
  •          Poor mobility
  •          Tenderness
  •          Pain and tightness of tissues surrounding the pelvic & abdominal areas
  •          Pain, numbness or tingling of skin
  •          Painful, tight scar tissue
To book an appointment for any of the above conditions with Darren please call 705 752 0294

Link to Additional Resource http://www.ohanawellness.ca/index.php/practitioners/
Nicky Poulin,
Certified Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapy (CYA), co-Founder

Nicky is a Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Tai Yoga Massage, Mentor, Wellness Speaker and Educator. 

When working with Nicky she will share with you many proven techniques that have helped her and others move away from chronic pain & medication. Nicky has a unique teaching style that combines many different yoga and wellness therapies so that you will receive a class that will help you to heal and restore both your body & mind. 

Her private programs ignite your "inner pharmacy" and helps you to build a customized toolbox of wellness practices. So that you can then "take charge". These tools complement your life, enabling you to live, healthier and happier.

To book an appointment with Nicky call  705 752 0294

"Under our roof" - We love our Ohana Family... should you have any questions or wish to speak to any of us... please contact us, after all you are part of the family. If you wish to become one of our teachers, or wellness professionals again please do not hesitate to call... 705 493 0692 (it's my direct line)

Nicky Poulin -  Co Founder, Yoga Instructor (CYA Gold) & Therapist, Wellness Instructor/Speaker
Darren Renaud -  
Certified Instructor/ Kinesiologist/ Holistic Pratitioner/ co-Founder
Doctor Dielle Raymond - Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Antonietta Francini - 
M.D. (retired), MA Psychology, CBT
Rob Joannise - Certified 500 Instructor - Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500)
Kathleen Ross - Certified KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Mary Merchant - Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor 200 hr Kurpolu Yoga 
Shannon Falconi -  B.A., B.Ed. Dance, Hoop, International Instructor & Retreats

Never taken a class with us? Here are a few things to take note of.

1. If you have purchased a pass over the past year, bring it in... We will honour it until Dec 31st even if the expiry date is passed... why because I would rather see you on a mat than off.

2. If you have a class pass from Ohana you can use it at Vinyasa Yoga Studio on Tuesday night for Nicky's class!

3. If your financial situation is stopping you from taking care of yourself... come and see me.

4. If you wish to donate some classes to someone less fortunate than yourself... come and see me.

5. When you come to class... bring a smile and your own mat if you have one, however we do supply them if you do not have one. If you don't have a smile no worries by the end of the class you will have one!

6. We have a variety of classes to choose from and our teachers are all certified! We all love what we do, we have been doing our own practice as well as teaching for many years... your in safe hands.

7. Trust that what goes on in the studio stays in the studio. We pride ourselves on offering a safe body friendly environment, free of judgement, where you can make friends, find your way and have fun. Our students range from (around) 11 to 91, we are all shapes and sizes, some of us are really flexible, while some of us not so much... the great thing is we are here to take care of ourselves, and each other. 

8. We are always open to suggestions... If you have any suggestions, on what classes or speakers you would like to see at Ohana... come and see me or send me an email info@ohanawellness.ca .

For more info go to  www.ohanawellness.ca
Nicky Poulin | Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre | 705 752 0294 
info@ohanawellness.ca | www.ohanawellness.ca