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We have a lot of super fun events planned for this holiday season: camps, parties and open gyms! Check out all of these awesome events and make sure to register early by calling the gym at 952-898-3889.

*There is no need to pre-register for Preschool Open Gym

Preschool Events:

These special events were created with your pre-schooler in mind. Join us every Friday morning for their special Open Gym! And, bring them to celebrate the upcoming holidays with these special holiday parties. All are jam-packed with fun games, crafts, snacks, open gym time, a bounce house, and are themed for each holiday.

Call the gym at 952-898-3889 to pre-register

(NO need to pre-register for Pre-School Open Gym)

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Other Events & Camps:

Date night? Need to get some shopping done? Want some time to yourself on a Friday evening? We have you covered! You do you while your kids have an awesome time at our popular Parent's Night Out parties!

These parties are for the older kids (ages 4 & up) and are filled with games, crafts, open gym time, gymnastics, and a fun pizza dinner. Each party will be themed for that holiday.

Call the gym at 952-898-3889 to pre-register for the parties or click the button to register for the Winter Break Camp.

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Our Winter Break Day Camp is one of our most popular events around! School is out, the kids are filled with excitement and energy...Let them get the 'ants out of their pants' during this awesome day camp! We will entertain them with gymnastics, open gym time, holiday themed crafts, snacks, and movies. Choose from our full-day or half-day camp. We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with your kids!


Parents! Give your gymnast a gift they will truly love! A portion of your purchase will also help support their team & gym. Click the link below to shop.

Shop Here
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IGM Gymnastics is collecting toys for our local Children's Hospitals this holiday season

This year we have chosen to donate our Toy Drive to our local Children's Hospitals.

So many children are at Children's Hospital over the holidays and we love the way Children's Hospitals goes above and beyond to make ill children feel special and loved. But, they can't do it all alone. Your donated toys will be distributed to the children who have to spend their holidays in the hospital. And, toys that may be left over after giving are used throughout the rest of the year to brighten ill children's lives.

Please drop your unwrapped toy in the box in our lobby this holiday season and we will make several drop-offs to the hospitals through the first week of January

Shop the Children's Hospitals Wish Listst



Savannah Kuhlmann

Super Beginners


Josie Jones

Girls Beginners

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Over the holidays it is common to miss a few days of training at the gym. Missing even as little as a couple can be detrimental to a gymnast's flexibility and form. Listed below are a few easy things to do at home to keep your gymnast in tip-top shape over the holidays and beyond.


All exercises that make your muscles stronger will help you improve gymnastics skills. Because gymnastics is one of the few sports that uses most of the muscles in your body, most conditioning exercises are beneficial including: Sit-ups, Pull-ups Push-ups, Sit-ups, and calf-raises.


Vaulting requires a fast running approach. You can practicing running fast anywhere. Because great vaults are quick and powerful, so the faster your run–the more power you will have during your vault.


Pull-ups can be done by installing a pull-up bar in a doorway. Pull-ups will increase upper body strength which will benefit a gymnast on every apparatus. You can find a good pull-up bar on Amazon.


Practicing scales help to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Stand on one leg and lift the other leg directly in front of you for a front scale or directly behind you for a back scale. Stand in a scale position for as long as possible while keeping your balance.


Handstands against the wall is a way to work on handstand skills. Because the handstand is the base to many skills in gymnastics, it is very important to make sure to use the appropriate technique to improve and to maintain this skill. Cartwheels, round-offs, back-handsprings and front-handsprings are all performed with the foundation of the handstand position. To perform a handstand against the wall, stand with your back against a wall, put your hands on the floor in front of you, one at a time put your feet on the wall ,walk your hands closer to the wall as you walk your feet up the wall until your stomach is touching the wall and you are in a handstand position. Hold for as long as you can before coming down. While in the handstand, concentrate on tightening up all your muscles and think about pointing your toes up to the ceiling. The wall will force the body to be absolutely straight.


Jump as high as possible while keeping the body tight while in the air.

Jumps To Practice: Straight, Tuck, Straddle, Pike, Split, Wolf, Half Turn, Full Turn


Turns are requirements in both floor and beam routines.. While wearing socks, turns can be done on carpet or on a solid floor. Make sure to keep the body as straight as possible while turning.


Splits are a skill found both on the floor and in the air in gymnastics. Practicing splits can be done anywhere. Be sure to keep flexible by practicing the splits at home every day.


Leaps are required on both beam and floor in routines. Practicing leaps is important for routines. While practicing, concentrate on keeping legs straight and jumping as high as possible while making sure the angle made with the legs is even on both sides.

The 2021 Cotton Candy Meet hosted on October 30th by IGM Gymnastics was a huge success!

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