TIP #14

Thank you SO much for opening up your inboxes, kitchens, bodies and hearts to Macks Mo + all our contributors the last few weeks. I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude for all you've shared and done, both with me, your friends + family and our Facebook group. But most of all, I am thankful for what you've done for yourself. Big or small, it matters and makes a difference. Like I said from Day 1, this wasn't supposed to be a quick fix, with no life-overhaul necessary in order to reap the benefits of being here. The goal isn't to find rigid balance that never changes {we all know life is constantly changing}, but rather to create a dynamic blend of the things that make you FEEL good and supports vibrant health - whatever that looks like for you.

As we wrap up our daily emails + conversations, I am going to ask you for one last thing -- to practice gratitude. First of all, for yourself. You are beautiful in all your perfect imperfections, worthy + enough just as you are. Don't ever forget that. The second piece we'll leave up to Tip #14...

Thank you for being a part of Holiday Helpers. 
And thank you for being you. xoxo. - W

Expressing gratitude is one of the most powerful and infectious ways you can spread +create happiness. Think back to a time when you received a snail mail card, email or text from someone who expressed their appreciation for you. How did that make you feel? Or when you express your love and gratitude to someone special, have you felt that sudden a rush of warmth fill your heart? Plain and simple, gratitude fills us up {and boosts your mood!}. And I believe that a daily [or almost daily] practice helps you build more joy by focusing on all the wonderful things in your life versus being dragged down by the negative. Blessings always beat out complaining!

The following three practices are ways you can try this yourself! You don't have to do them every day or all at once; try gradually adding them in and see which one(s) fills you up the most! 

 Here are 3 ways you can practice gratitude daily: 
  1. Celebrate the small stuff. Take moments throughout the day to be grateful anytime good comes your way. Picking up on the positive in your life doesn't mean waiting for "amazing" but instead celebrating the small stuff {like anytime you find yourself smiling!}. Look for mini-moments you can highlight daily! I also encourage you to do this at night - spend your last waking moments expressing mental gratitude for things , circumstances + people in your life!
  2. Express your gratitude... as much as possible, wherever possible and definitely in genuine, intimate moments with people who matter most in your life. Send a hand-written letter, email, text or do it in person. The more you outwardly express gratitude + appreciation towards all situations and people in your life, the stronger sense of fulfillment you'll feel in your own life, while being able to boost others up as well!
  3. Write down your gratitude. Perhaps you've heard of a gratitude journal? It can be done anytime of day, but I find it most effective in the morning or at night. Start by writing down 3 things you're grateful for right now {situations, people, feelings, yourself, the possibilities are endless!}. Doing so initiates a deeper connection of appreciation to the present moment.

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