TIP #9

Most all things I can think of are more fun with a partner or buddy. Fun aside, it's also sometimes that extra kick-in-the-pants of accountability we need to follow through on plans, goals and desires. Being surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals - buddies, family, friendships + a significant other - will help empower your purpose and provide needed support when you're having trouble following or even getting through. I know sometimes it's hard to ask for help, but the truth is, we can't do everything on our own. Sometimes we all need a little help. :) Which is why I'm going to turn it over to the fabulous Emily Newman of Move Your Booty again for Tip #9!


Cheers to THRIVING. 
- Whitney
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Fitness doesn't have to be a solo mission. Gone are the days of hiding at the gym in slouchy sweatpants and ugly t-shirts. These days, your workout is one part bragging rights and one part social event. Besides, everything is more fun with friends - so why not fitness? Life is seriously busy-especially around the holidays. It's already a struggle to balance life and work, let alone working out. Not to mention it's freezing! So in the spirit of multi-tasking one of the best things you can do is join forces with your friends and get sweaty together.

  1. The first step is finding friends who share your health goals (there are more of them than you think!). 
  2. Second, sign up for workout classes together or plan to run, walk or bike together. 
  3. Third, do not cancel! Your friend is depending on you and neither one of you wants to let the other one down. 
  4. Fourth, add some fun to this workout date. Who says you can't have brunch, dinner or a drink, or even go shopping after your sweat session? 

The magic of these workout dates is that you can squeeze them in anywhere throughout your day or on the weekends! Besides, catching up with your friends over the holidays is what this season is all about - why not do it sweaty?!


Emily Newman, an NYC-based Certified Health Coach and founder of MOVE YOUR BOOTY´┐Ż, is on a mission to redefine the way we see fitness and health.



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