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Eileen's Lessons - December 2015

Happy Holidays! Many of us celebrate different holidays this time of year and have different traditions. This time of year, I am reminded of a phone call I received from another parent when my daughter was around 11 years old. It is the dreaded call every non-Christmas celebrating parent worries about (at least this one does) this time of year. The call was to tell me that my daughter told their daughter that Santa Claus isn't real and the presents under the tree were put there by her parents. Yikes.

What to do? After apologizing profusely, my husband and I had a long conversation with our daughter. What happened? Well, you'd be shocked to know that 11 year old girls can be quite mean. It turns out that a conversation was had about the holidays, and according to my daughter about how she must not have been a good girl because Santa wasn't visiting her.

I must admit, expecting a child to not reveal holiday "secrets" is tricky. However, as a family that doesn't celebrate Christmas, we felt the need to explain why Santa does not visit our house and ask that our children to not discuss it with others.  In the workplace, we face similar issues.


Please Welcome Angie Meaux and Helene Meyers!

Angie Meaux joined The HR Team this past summer. She has over 20 years of HR experience including developing HR processes and policies, compliance, employee relations, performance management, recruiting, benefits, compensation and training. 

Helene Meyers joined the HR Team in October. She has over 20 years of experience in small to mid-size organizations providing strategic leadership to senior managers in startup and fast growth organizations. Her experience includes talent acquisition and talent management, training, career development and employee relations. She has experience in various industries including professional services, healthcare, nonprofit, agency, biotech and manufacturing.

2016 Benefit Plan Dollar Limitations on Contributions - No Changes

For tax year 2016, the Internal Revenue Service announced the inflation-adjusted contribution limit for health flexible spending accounts (FSAs) will remain unchanged $2,550. Dependent care flexible spending accounts also remain unchanged at $5,000. 

In addition, the Internal Revenue Service announced cost of living adjustments affecting dollar limitations for pension plans and other retirement-related items for tax year 2016.

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