Holiday Hours
We will be Closed, 
and not making deliveries on:
Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 28th
Christmas Day - Wednesday, December 25th
New Year's Day - Wednesday, January 1st
If one of these days is your scheduled delivery day, you may place an order for either the day before or the following day, which ever is most convenient for you.
As always, orders can be placed online at
or via our voicemail system 609-345-3229.   
We anticipate high volumes prior to and directly following the holidays,
particularly  January 2nd.  We will certainly do our best to accommodate each of our customers and their needs.  To help us better serve you, please plan ahead. Ordering your staple items and items that need to be prepped for delivery before the weekend will help to reduce the volume in our trucks, reduce time spent at each scheduled stop, and allow you to begin prepping right away if a delay occurs. Also, ordering specialty items in advance will allow us adequate time to source what you need, or to present an alternative.

Inclement Weather
Should you not be able to accept an order due to inclement weather,
 please contact us. Alerting us to cancellations allows us to safely re-route our drivers, keep them moving, and get them home to their families.
   Outside of normal business hours, you may leave a message in our ordering mailbox at 609-345-3229 or email  Sales@SEASHORE

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