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October 6th, 2016
Cockapoo Litter, one of which is the mother
Mini-Goldendoodle Litter, one of which is the father
Mini-Doodle Litter for the Holiday Season

XANADU isn’t planning more litters this year, EXCEPT for our Holiday litter mini-Doodle litter. That litter is out of our dam, Holly--a 25 lb., blue-eyed Cockapoo and is sired by our mini-Goldendoodle male, Champagne. Descriptions and photos follow.

These puppies really will be cute--nice apricot / apricot & white coat colors, some blue eyes, soft and no-shed, absolutely guaranteed for temperament and health. Especially for the Holidays, XANADU breeds for super-cuteness vanity considerations (like eye color/coat color). All of those good things about health and temperament in XANADU pups are tacit. If you have 100 questions, just call me; usually, I am in during the mornings and early evenings.

XANADU Holiday Litters are intended to be magical--a holiday to remember for a child or a child-at-heart. They are an expensive gift for good little boys and girls who have the guidance of loving adults and a great place for a pup (yard / pet care options--training and pup day care / whatever is needed). Also, to help you or a child learn how to care for a new pup, I recommend a great puppy care book—like Krista Cantrell’s The Tao of Puppy (Amazon)—to help learn how to be a responsible pet owner. It is good to KNOW for sure that a child really wants a pup. And it is NOT a good idea to surprise an adult with a pup. Selecting a puppy is a very personal choice. Even when purchasing a pup-gift for a child, s/he should be in agreement with mom and dad about breed and breed characteristics. Tricky parents who hope to surprise kids for Christmas can look through photos of pups with their children to get a pretty good idea if family members’ wants and the practical appropriateness of this family dog mesh well. The child may hope for a pack of wolf pups; can that hope be modified and the child still be a happy, proud, loving dog owner?

Puppy photos below are pretty convincing. The fact of “no-shed” may not convince a child. All family members should be on the same page about having a puppy and about pup-selection among the many breed options. And when looking at XANADU characteristics and cuteness, it is also good to remember that Holiday Season or Not, XANADU breeds for the World’s Best Family Dog. That is our mission.

We just received a note from the very supportive and way-excited Guardian (human) of our expectant-mom, Holly, "Looks like she's pregnant!" I've got to add that it's still early for an accurate diagnosis of puppies. Your deposit is guaranteed if our Holly is just fooling us

I've attached photos of the sire and dam. For those who live some distance away, I recommend receiving your pup just after all the flurry of the holidays. If waiting until the first few days of January is possible and you don't really need to have a little puppy under the Christmas tree, your pup would be calmer and a bit more mature, AND there would be a greatly reduced likelihood of a problem with the airlines: Sometimes airline companies won't fly puppies during the holidays. Perhaps there is reduced space in cargo during the holidays, more flights crowding the sky, bad weather that could cause delays, overworked airline personnel…
PLEASE let me know if you decide that a first-of-January arrival time is a good idea for your family, and I’ll ask Santa Clause or any Entity of your choice to write your little ones a personal letter with a litter photo of his/her/their incoming puppy. A personal letter from Santa is always fun to discover on the Christmas tree or in a stocking—and with a timeline for pup arrival and travel plans and trip to airport and…

This litter should have puppies that grow to between about 25 and 30 pounds as adults—not too big to carry when you need to and not so small as to be easily injured when playing with kiddos. Pups should be either a light to medium apricot or a parti-color white and apricot. Some pups will have blue eyes; some brown. And I expect all puppies from this litter to be no-shed pups.
The attached photos of litters are the litters-of-origin for our sire, Champagne, and our dam, Holly. You can expect a pup that looks like the sire or dam as pups—or like any of the pups in their birth-litters; that is, ALL are cute and irresistible

Puppy Pricing:
There should be one Guardian puppy (a pup that will have two litters for XANADU); s/he will be $700 with a two-litter breeding agreement. Please write for more information if you are interesting in a Guardian pup.
Litter Pick puppies are $2250 (male and female--any eye color you select is fine).
Blue-eyed puppies are $2100.
Brown-eyed puppies are $1900.
Puppy selection will be at six-weeks, because eye color is a bit unstable, and we want to be as certain as possible about the blue-eyed puppies.
Puppies that need to fly to their new families will have additional expenses:
Airline ticket -- (about) $350
Required Veterinary Check-up / Paperwork-- $75
Travel crate-- $75
Food and water cup furnishings-- $12
R/T to airport either GJT in Grand Junction or DIA in Denver-- $50-$150.
The total is over $550; we charge $500 (and hope we can take two pups to the airport at once!)

Should there be a breeding failure or a very small litter that would prevent everyone who has submitted a deposit from receiving a pup, deposits will be refunded--ASAP. Even with late-term x-rays, sometimes a sneaky puppy is hiding behind a brother or sister, and it is very hard to get an accurate head count.

Thank you ALL. Questions welcome! And my very best,
Sheron and XANADU Pack o' Pups

Holly, the mother
Champagne, the sire
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Phone: 970-626-9747