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October 14th, 2018

Email Contact for Inquiries about Pet Home Pups: xanadupack@gmail.com
For Guardian Pup Information: 970 708-8030
Please try again if I do not answer --
I may be away from my phone
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Today’s News From a XANADU Goberian Owner:
"I bought a Goberian pup from you in 2015. He turned 3 years old o n August 1st . I just wanted to tell you how thankful we are for this little guy. He is by far one of the biggest blessings we have in our life and the best friend you could only dream of...I just wanted to say thank you again! It would be hard to imagine life without him."  -Nick

ALL XANADU Pups are GUARANTEED for Temperament, Genetic Soundness, and Vet-Checked Health. (See XANADU'S  Ltd. Warranty Attached #1) Photos of the parents of these litters are included on this announcement, so you can better imagine what your new puppy will look like as an adult.
XANADU Breeding Goals are Attached -- 2nd Attachment.
See below for Guardian Information .
PUP SHIPMENTS / TRANSPORTATION: You have more options now. Please note below.

PUPPY AVAILABILITY: Until Holiday Litters are ready for new homes, currently Available is one of XANADU'S best pups of 2018 He is spoiled rotten by my husband and me, by four adult dogs and by older pups. Lobo is guaranteed to be a good, healthy, friendly, gorgeous, active XANADU pup. Please contact Sheron for information: 970 708-8030 if you would like to purchase tri-color, blue-eyed Lobo as a Guardian. To purchase Lobo as a Pet Home Pup, please contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com
Please see attached documents: Goberian Characteristics, below.
TRANSPORTATION for OUR HOLIDAY LITTERS: Please note that airlines get cranky about shipping pets close to Christmas; they just won't do it, and we don't want a XANADU baby to be bumped in cargo in favor of a suitcase. Santa's gifts to good children will be available to fly when they are eight weeks old, and cannot be held longer by their Guardian families or at the XANADU Headquarters.
Puppy photo attachments and XANADU Breeding Goals will let you know if you want to see XANADU'S Breeding Goals in your new BFF. XANADU'S Mission is the development of the World's Best Family Dog.
In a few weeks, I will also be advertising a California-oops! litter: Scarlet (red Poodle, and Gorgeous, perfect Goldendoodle, Chase, have a litter coming. These dogs were XANADU Guardians, and being in their prime and not neutered / spayed...well, Mother Nature happily took charge.
ALL of these litters' pups will be intelligent, attentive, highly-trainable adult dogs. Personalities and characteristics differ in our current litters. But several puppies in XANADU litters are expected to be GREAT SERVICE DOG CANDIDATES. Please inquire if you hope to train your pup for service. Do remember that all pups are sweet little terrorists...they ALL do need positive training. I recommend training classes and books like Krista Cantrell's The Tao of Puppies.

1. AKC FYRE'S PUP by GOBERIAN TAO: One little tri-color male Guardian pup or Pet Home (your choice) is available. (Eyes are BLUE/ GREEN at this time: XANADU'S LOBO. This puppy may be the smartest little guy you've ever seen (XANADU breeds for brains); he may also be one of the most interactive and most beautiful. If you follow your House Training Guide, Attachment #6, you will find that Lobo is already trained for you.

Lobo is a true XANADU cross. We would like to keep him in our breeding program, but if you would like to purchase Lobo as a no-strings-attached Pet Home puppy, please contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com. Lobo is just now 8-weeks old (almost) and photos are attached of Lobo and his parents. One photo (I love it!) shows Lobo giggling while Chanda (another Goberian Guardian licks his tummy.


DOB: 8/24/18
AVAILABLE for New Home: (Call me {Sheron} at 970 708-8030)
GUARDIAN PRICE: $1250, Possible Additional Late-Season Discount. Try making an offer in a week. If sold as a Pet Home Pup (no breeding-agreement strings attached), his price is $1650. (Baby Pictures and Parent Photos Attached, as noted.)

2. ZOE' & ELVIS'S GOLDEN RETRIEVER HOLIDAY LITTER is HERE! Twelve puppies; 6 Males & 6 Females.
CONTACT Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com for Pet Home & Litter Pick Puppies or Sheron for Guardian pups at 970 708-8030. Please see attached photos of Zoe' & Elvis (with his sire, Elvis, Sr. -- who was healthy and athletic his whole life and died at 17 years old).

Finding a Golden Retriever who tests clear in all 165 of Cornell University's Embark Genetic Tests is almost impossible. Puppies from this litter are not to be registered. XANADU will be the sole owner of this lineage at this time. You could pay upwards of $7-8,000 or more for a registered Golden Retriever pup that does not have this litter's genetic credentials, hardiness, and guarantee. Yep, we are very proud, and this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a GREAT American Golden Retriever puppy. XANADU does not plan to repeat this breeding.

DOB: 2 October, 2018
AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP, by Thanksgiving Holiday and after Thanksgiving.
GUARDIAN Male & Female PUPPIES: $1500 See Guardian Information above.
LITTER PICK PUPS: $3500 (Your Choice; Selection According to the Date Deposits are Submitted)
PET HOME PUPS (both Male and Female): $3200
$400 Deposits are Currently Being Accepted; Please Contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com
3. XANADU POMSKY LITTER out of IRELAND and sired by AKC Pomeranian, WOLF
A rainbow of six puppies from white polka-dot parti-colors to black with white, and to this and to that color. Blue eyes are possible, but not expected. (True XANADU and calmer than most Pomskies. Please see Our Breeding Goals, abpve).
$400 Deposits are Currently Being Accepted; Please Contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com.

Please note Pomsky Information for "regular" Pomskies; ours will be calmer and smaller (above) .

XANADU prices will be slightly higher than Goberian prices, because of the necessity for veterinary intervention. You will note that XANADU pricing is several thousand dollars less than the Pomskies advertised on the east coast.

Guardian Pups, $1450 (Female Guardian pups will have 2 litters as adults; Guardian males will sire four litters as adults)
Litter Pick Male and Female, $2885
Blue-eyed & bi-eyed pups: $2750 (not expected in Holiday Litter)
Brown-eyed pups: $2450
Hazel-eyed pups are usually the same price as the brown-eyed puppies. Green eyes usually turn hazel. The price for pups with clear bright green eyes would have to be negotiated--and would be quite rare.
The Pomsky is a small, beautiful, and hardy hybrid.
4. XANADU GOBERIAN PUPPIES out of BHAKTI and sired by XANADU'S CEDAR (and another true XANADU cross)

These puppies will probably be the most beautiful dogs you have ever seen. ALL are tri-colors with beautiful markings. Many are expected to have one or both blue eyes.

Pups should grow to a size of about 45 lb. as adults. Coats should be plush. Both genders are AVAILABLE. Please see pups-in-a-pile photo and a single photo of one typical pup from this litter.

Inexpensive Guardian Pups will be available, male and female.
2018 PRICING follows for GOBERIAN puppies: 
Guardian Pups, $1250 (Gotta have great Guardians for this exceptional litter)
Litter Pick Male and Female, $2885
Blue-eyed & bi-eyed pups: $2650
Brown-eyed pups: $2250

Hazel-eyed pups are usually the same price as the brown-eyed puppies. Green eyes usually turn hazel. The price for pups with clear bright green eyes would have to be negotiated--and these pups are rare.
Remember that brown eyes are dominant, and a brown-eyed puppy is just as sweet and smart and healthy as a pup with bright blue eyes. Vanity options do cost more. I kept a marvelous pup from last year's litters because of her personality. She is brown-eyed and a simple cream color...nothing special noticed...until you pet her and spend 30 seconds around her.
Please contact me (Sheron) for Guardian males and females' information and purchase: 970 708-8030). Please remember that I don't text well; just call any time.

DOB: 5 October 18
Pick up Date: First week in DECEMBER
For Litter Pick & Pet Home pups / special requests, please contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com Call me, Sheron, for information regarding Guardian pups: 970 708-8030.
Pups that Require Flights will have their airfare, required vet-check, crate w/ furnishings, etc. paid at six weeks, as well. The cost of a pup's Puppy-Cargo ticket through Delta Airlines or United Airlines, the pup's crate and furnishings, requisite flight vet-check, transportation to the airport, etc. is $575. Please see Transportation Options, at top of e-mail.

Contacting XANADU directly for a Guardian, Litter Pick, OR receiving and responding to this newsletter is the fastest way to get the pup you want.
ALL XANADU pups are equally healthy, sweet, smart, and loving regardless of puppy-selection order.

Please refer to the attached document, "How to Select a Puppy," above, which will help you no matter which breeder may have the new BFF you want. The attachment, "Supplies for New Pup Owners" will help Lobo's new owner or Guardian plan for this new baby ). Currently AVAILABLE XANADU Lobo is eating Science Diet Puppy. This is a well-balanced dry food and veterinarian recommended. If you choose to use a different food in the future, please transition over several weeks to prevent tummy upsets.

Thank you for considering a XANADU puppy. Remember that you are always welcome to contact me with any questions -- for the life of your dog. I may not always know the answers to your questions, but often can refer you to someone who is knowledgeable -- I am not a veterinarian.

To qualify for ownership of a XANADU dog, excellent care of your new family member is required in the rearing of a loving, responsible, good furry-family- member: Love, exercise, training, a great diet, excellent vet care...Also required is that you LOVE your new puppy when you receive him/her. Your puppy is guaranteed to love you back.
Always my very best to each one of you,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu of the Rockies
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
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