December 2016
FM Newsletter
Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday

The NFA wishes you a pain-free holiday full of peace, joy and comfort. It is so easy to get distracted this time of year, and let our health suffer. This month's newsletter has just the things you need to keep you on track this holiday. May this season find you well and leave you renewed and ready to face the New Year!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us here at the NFA!

Together We Thrive

Holiday cheerfulness can be a bitter pill to swallow when we feel isolated, depressed and generally bad. That's why we know that together we are better. Even if it's two of us chatting on a phone call, or a whole bunch of us spoonies supporting each other on Facebook. This is the article to read to help you face the holiday in good spirits.

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Happy Holidays everyone!  
May the joy of the holidays find you wherever
you rest your legs.

As we're coming upon the darkest day of the year, it can be all too easy to slip into the winter blues. Need a little inspiration to boost your mood this season? The NFA has got your back! Here are 12 days' worth of positive thoughts and images to lift your spirits even on the gloomiest day.

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Pain Times Two: Family Life When Both Parents Have Chronic Pain
How does a family cope when more than one family member lives with chronic pain? This husband and wife both live with chronic pain and explain that "I think it helps us to understand each other... We recognize that pain and fatigue are highly variable, unique, and personal experiences."

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