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"Words are Sacred. 
They deserve respect. 
If you get the right ones,
in the right order, 
they can 
nudge the world a little." 
~Tom Stoppard

You can understand how an outfit with a collection topping 25,000 books would be disposed toriff on the subject, especially at a time when you have to come up with a holiday offering for that old uncle who wants for nothing. Worry no more. Our stacks contain books explaining why dirt is good in cooking, help to fix things (an unpleasant goiter?), bring our readers current on the latest thinking on polyvagal theory, or explain the conjugation of 601 Spanish verbs in just 727 pages. 

Many of the rest of us are partial to books written by magicians - those authors that can make an otherwise vanilla word or thought sing. High on everyone's list of the best non-fiction authors is John McPhee. His latest, Draft No. 4, advances the point. Who would have thought any author could turn casting for shad on the Delaware River into an exquisitely crafted tale? The protagonist in Laurent Binet's new literary whodunit The Seventh Function of Language asked: "'What would you do if you ruled the world?' The gigolo replied that he would abolish all laws. Barthes said: 'Even grammar?'" Read more...  

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May We Recommend...
Holiday Picks from Our Staff:
Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walkby Kathleen Rooney 
This charming novel of 1930s New York revolves around Lillian Boxfish, ad writer for Macy's. Known for her snappy copy, Lillian paves the way for women in this formerly all-male profession. On New Year's Eve of 1984, 85-year-old Lillian goes on a ten mile walk around her beloved Manhattan. She dines at her favorite restaurant, visits a bodega, thwarts a bunch of thugs and attends a party in the Village, all the while reminiscing about her life and her city. Rooney has given us an homage to New York and the life of a feisty, brave, and forever curious lady. ~ Susan    

A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness, by Irene Smit & Astrid Van Der Hulst 
This book is so much fun! I love all the little extras like small journals, postcards, and stickers. The articles inspired me to see my mindfulness practice in new ways, try new things, and revisit helpful habits. The design is lovely, with beautiful art and photographs. It's a great way to start or end the day and a happy reminder that we are enough. ~ Charysse

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir
by Sherman Alexie
Alexie once told me, "Poetry is my main pursuit as a writer. Prose pays the bills." The author fuses his finest expressions in both modes in this singular, wide-ranging memoir, in which poems often serve as entire chapters. Lyrical, moving, hard-edged and hilarious, it explores not only his life and identity as a writer and an Indian, his odyssey from the Spokane Reservation to an urban environment, and his complicated relationship with his mother, but also the ever-shifting terrain of memory itself. Alexie is one of our most important writers, and this is a distinct achievement. ~ John

City of Brass, by S.A. Chakraborty 
Most fantasy follows in the footsteps of Tolkien, drawing liberally from European mythology. It's refreshing when a story originates from a different well, and doubly so when the story and characters are so well-written that you simply can't get enough. With Ottoman Cairo as its launch point, City of Brass jumps, sneaks, and flies across a world grounded in the familiar, but delightfully fantastic in its construction. Magic, history, politics, romance, and action all collide in a thoroughly engrossing tale.
~ Tim

Furies of Calderon: Codex Alera #1, by Jim Butcher 
When it comes to high-fantasy, I praise world building a lot, and Butcher's really done his job in this kickoff to a series. He draws on Roman influences to create a world and society that have just the right combination of familiarity and alienation to feel completely new. His story starts with a teenager who doesn't have the same magic as everyone else in his world, and who must rely only on his smarts, but the narrative quickly delves into fascinating tactics, politics, and heroism. Butcher never completely loses the thread of hope, which I find exceptionally valuable. ~ Jo

Neuromancer, by William Gibson 
If you're shopping for a new science fiction reader, it's hard to go wrong with this seminal triple award winner from 1984. Considered a cornerstone of the Cyberpunk movement, Neuromancer follows the story of Case-a down-on-his-luck freelance hacker-and Molly-a badass, cybernetic mercenary-as the two become caught in a secret war between unknown powers. They must discover the natur e of the conflict by pulling off the greatest data-heist in history. Gibson's prose shines as he deftly splices pulp-fiction and poetry to create something unique. I highly recommend this elegant hardcover edition for the holidays! ~ Kiyo

Savage Country, by Robert Olmstead 
Talk about the Wild West! Olmstead, a master novelist whose works play out in that period of American history, delivers a vivid, riveting account of the buffalo hunts during the 1870s, told through the story of a man and woman who oversee one such operation, with all its perils and depravities. So much goes into making this a compelling read: memorable characters, attention to gritty details, and a keen eye when it comes to bringing to life a vast and changeful landscape. ~ John

Adventure Cats: Living Nine Lives to the Fullest, 
by Laura J. Moss 
If you are a cat lover interested in having outdoor adventures with your furry companion, give this book a try! Moss presents individual stories with wonderful photos, and intersperses them with a guide for introducing your cat to the outdoors. She includes insights on leash training and practical tips for hiking necessities, as well as safety tips. Cats have so many personalities, we can always learn more about who they are. If you think you could never be a cat person, this book is for you.
~ Charysse

Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World, by Noah Strycker 
What an adventure! Strycker set out a journey in 2015 with an incredible goal-to see almost half the bird species of the world in one year. His methods were even more amazing. Apart from two organized birding tours, he contacted local birders in every area he planned to visit and arranged to go birding with them. All were eager to share their knowledge, their time and sometimes their floors to sleep on to be a part of this record breaking experience. Not only did Noah see more birds than he could hope for, he made friends around the world and experienced many incredible places. He shares all his adventures with humor, joy, and a sense of discovery. You may want to grab your binoculars and go off on an adventure of your own, even if it is only in your back yard.  ~ Alison  

The Book of the Bird: Birds in Art, by Angus Hyland and Kendra Wilson 
This small treasure is a delightful collection of reproductions of bird art from international artists and illustrators, both historical and contemporary. The art is interspersed with text about the artists, their work, and snippets of unusual bird facts. A beautifully bound paperback with a very reasonable price, it's the perfect gift for the bird or art lover on your list. ~ Rodie

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