Helping Teachers Help Kids
TRCNB's mission is to enhance every student's learning environment and creative experiences by offering basic classrooms supplies to public school students throughout Napa County - Free of Charge.

Support TRCNB by attending Movie Nights November 26 through November 29. Say hi to our volunteers in action while you watch one of your favorites; Starwars on Thursday, ET on Friday, Up on Saturday or Jaws on Sunday. Go to Team Morales Events to sign up. Bring a carload of family and friends for just $30 per car. We hope to see you there!


It's that time of year again when you have an opportunity to donate your loose change into our colorful TRCNB houses. Support FREE teacher shopping at these locations: Browns Valley Market, Nob Hill, CVS Imola, CVS Silverado Plaza, Mary's Pizza Shack, Fillippi's, LaMorenita and Mi Familia Markets, Ranch Markets, Sunshine Market, CalMart Market, Villa Corona, Ritual Coffee, Five Dot Ranch, Oxbow Wine and Cheese, Osprey, and Abbey Carpets to name a few.

CanDo's GIVE!GUIDE 2020

For the 7th year, we are so proud to be selected to this year's G!G, along with 56 other deserving non-profits. Starting December 1 you can donate to your favorite non-profits with as little as $10. We hope you will include TRCNB. Go to to learn about these amazing non-profits and make your donation.

Remember to include TRCNB as your non-profit of choice and at no cost to you, while Amazon will donate .05% of your purchase to our cause.

THANK YOU for Helping Teachers Help Kids.

Stay safe and health and have a truly Happy Thanksgiving.

Teacher Resource Center
1226 Salvador Avenue
Napa, Ca. 94558