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Holiday 2016

Happy Holidays from all of us at Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs!  Thank you to those who has gave their time and treasure to help this organization to stand ready to deliver education and mental health intervention within disaster impacted communities, creating an enduring resource and legacy for local recovery efforts. 

In the aftermath of the horrific Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL, the Greater Orlando Trauma Recovery Network immediately reached out to deliver training, educational materials and pro bono treatment.

Gifts made to the Francine Shapiro Fund for Disaster Recovery allowed Trauma Recovery/HAP to quickly support the recovery work in the Orlando.  Due to the extensive training efforts, there are 58 more EMDR therapy trained clinicians to serve their community. 100% of your gift to this Fund is put to use providing resources of ongoing treatment and training.

This is what your support provides - hope and healing to communities such as Orlando during their time of greatest need. Sadly, we never know where this will happen next, but your help us allows us to be ready when the next disaster strikes.

Warmest wishes,
Carol Martin
Executive Director

P.S.   If you have not already, please, click here to start off 2017 with a gift to help those suffering from trauma! 

Taking EMDR Training to the next level with 
Deany Laliotis

Deany shared, "In 1992, I was working at the Baltimore veteran's Hospital and we were just deluged in post-trauma issues. So when I learned EMDR therapy, it not only changed my practice but it truly changed my life. I also had the great fortune to get my initial training at a time when there was tremendous growth in the EMDR community. Very early on, I was invited to join the EMDR Institute faculty as a facilitator, and I was excited for the opportunity to participate in speading the word on this transformative approach to treating trauma. I could see that this was going to be a big deal going forward."

Betsy Prince, L.C.S.W.
EMDR Therapy at the Heart of My Practice 

Betsy Prince, L.C.S.W., was introduced to EMDR therapy while working at a nonprofit agency in New Jersey. "I was a year out of graduate school" Betsy shared, "and everyone in this particular organization was trained in EMDR therapy. I remember thinking that this was the most amazing process I'd ever seen. EMDR therapy was not a treatment covered in my graduate studies, so this was my first exposure and it made an incredible impact on me."

November & December Faculty Academy 
Volunteer Acknowledgment:
Thank you to all our volunteers for everything you do to help us achieve our mission.
Below is a list of those who generously volunteered their time and expertise in the past two months.
Kass Atkinson, Kate Becker, Suzanne Borstein, Leslie Brown, Andra Bruce, Christeli Brunner, Judy Cabeceiras, Lloyd Cloud, Candida Condor, Denise Gelinas, Leanne Harper, Josie Juhasz, Frances Klaff, Marjorie Lamphear, Debra Littrell, Tabatha Maiorano, Susan Marcus, Kathleen Miller, April Minjarez-Estenson, Peggy Moore, Richard Murphy Jr., David Ogren, Ted Olejnik, John Paradiso, Hope Payson, Alexis Polles, Anastasia Pollock, Jesse Rappaport, Rachel Rosa, Julie Rosen, Dorinna Ruh, Lisa Salvi, Kathleen Scott, Herminia Shea-Martinez, Deb Silveria, Melinda Sullivan, Rebecca Walkley, Rebecca Wilson, Cindy White
Welcome to our new  Facilitators-in-Training...

Shelly Foster
Alfredo Munoz
Monica Wisco
Congratulations to our new Facilitators...

Julie Rosen
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Pets of the Month: 
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France 

This month's pet, named Buddy, is brought to us by friends of HAP, Alana and Steven Brett.  He's a not-so-mini Min Pin who loves taking naps and has made it his business to watch over the neighborhood, which he takes very seriously.
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Handbook for EMDR Clients 
by Marilyn Luber 

A clearly written "take home" booklet for clients that provides a primer on the eight phases of EMDR therapy, an informed consent and space to record resources, positive memories, most disturbing memories as well as a client's observations between sessions.

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 EMDR Progress Note Pad

This set of progress notes is a great way for newly trained and seasoned EMDR therapists to have a concise record of their sessions. It provides specific instructions and language that can guide the therapist through each step from Assessment all the way through closing an incomplete session.

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