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Holidays at the 1879 Avery House
Holiday Open House

Saturday & Sunday
December 2 - 3
11 am - 4 pm

Step back in time to a Victorian-style holiday season. See the Avery House embellished with vintage decorations, enjoy live music, and receive tours from costumed hosts. 

Grandfather and Grandmother Christmas will make a special appearance from 12 - 3 pm.

Shop at the Carriage House Holiday Boutique for crafted items, gifts, candy, baked goods, and books.  Preview these items below!
Free admission, $3 suggested donation.

Proceeds from these events go toward the nonprofit Poudre Landmarks Foundation’s mission to preserve, restore, protect, and interpret the architectural and cultural heritage of the Fort Collins area.

Colorado Gives Day is less than a week away. Schedule your donation in advance today!
Live Music Schedule: Holiday Open House
Saturday, Dec. 2nd:
12 p.m. Norma Andersen, piano
 2 p.m. Kendra Hanson, voice & piano

Sunday, Dec. 3rd:
12 p.m. Faith Tjardes, organ and piano
2 p.m. Kathleen Whitley, voice & Kendra Hanson, piano

Throughout the day: Emily Ray, piano & Evie Rueter, piano & organ
Preview: Hand-Crafted Gifts
Sold During the Holiday Open House in the Avery Carriage House

All proceeds support Poudre Landmarks Foundation in their effort to preserve, restore, protect and interpret Fort Collins history.
Left, Handmade tea cozies $25

Above, Homemade strawberry jam $1-2
Hollow books have been around since at least the late 1400's. They have been used to hide valuables and momentos, and even for smuggling and concealing illegal objects. In the time of Henry VIII, when the game of backgammon was outlawed, people hid their boards inside large hollow books.
Handcrafted cards, $5 each
Cork Critters, $3 each
Long ago, great happiness and fortune came to those who chose a Christmas tree with a bird's nest in the branches. May the same come to you with these handmade ornaments, $6
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Jennifer Beccard, Executive Director
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