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It's about to get crazy folks! December is here and the holiday season has arrived. I seriously cannot believe the speed at which this year has passed. It seems like yesterday that I was sweltering with the air conditioning cranked and here we are now getting ready for the holiday season and 2019. I have called this newsletter "Holiday Perfection" because what I really want to talk about is the exact opposite. At this time of the year, there is so much pressure to shop, bake, wrap, donate, party and the list goes on. We watch holiday "Christmas movies" where the trees and houses are decorated to perfection and we get inspired to re-create these magikal scenes at home. The pressure can become overwhelming. So I am suggesting that maybe we take a step back from all of this pressure and simplify the holidays as much as possible. When things in my life get crazy I purposely slow everything around me down and that way I can focus on what truly matters and trim away the excess. Allow yourself some self care and alone time so that you can actually enjoy the items on your to-do list instead of just crossing them off. At Cornerstone, we like to think we can help you with taking the pressure off. We have a great selection of Canadian, hand-made, one-of-a-kind gifts at price points to fit EVERY budget. Our staff, if you let them, will be delighted to help you choose and then we will package it all up to look pretty or to make safe for travelling. If you want to simplify your gift giving with us even more, you can pick up one of our Cornerstone gift cards so that the gifted will be able to come in and leisurely walk around the store to choose a piece of art or craft themselves. The most important thing to remember this holiday season is KINDNESS. Kindness to yourself, to the sales staff who are on their feet all day helping their little hearts out, to the police, ambulance and fire people who put their lives on the line for us and for all the service people who keep our roads clear for travel when Mother Nature gets grouchy. Kindness to all the fantastic wait staff and chefs who are serving up deliciousness when you have shopped and your dogs are tired. Speaking of dogs... be kind to all the animals out there who get left in the cold or need a little extra love because they have been abandoned or abused. Be kind to all of our fellow human beings out there and be kind to the planet. Re-use bags and be conscientious of wastefulness. Be Kind, Be Safe, Have fun!

Happy Holidays to you and your family however you choose to celebrate this time of the year

From our heart you yours,
Penny & the wonderful staff at Cornerstone

P.S. Shopping at Cornerstone is a little different than other retail locations, so we remind people "if you see it, like it then buy it!" We feel badly when you come back and your chosen item has already found another home. Many of our artists are unable to recreate a similar piece on short notice and before the holidays. Avoid disappointment!
ZIA piece
My lovely Elysha and my Glamson, Deklan, shopping for unique new artists at the OOAK show in Toronto! We also saw a lot of old friends of Cornerstone there too! (Much to Deklan's dismay as Glammy had to stop and talk a lot) Great to see so many friendly faces :) Lots of hugging too!
Featured Artist - Lorraine Seguin
Lorraine Séguin was born and raised in Kingston Ontario. She grew up in Glenburnie just north of Kingston and spent most summers in the Muskokas. These early experiences combined with later travels across Canada including both east and west coasts and northern locations such as James Bay, Labrador, and Whitehorse has giving her a great love and appreciation of nature, which is evident in many of Lorraine’s paintings. She has had a passion for the arts since a very young age, first starting to paint in oils in her pre-teens and moving to watercolour painting at fourteen. She continues to explore different mediums and styles of painting, always looking to challenge herself and learn more; the one thing that stays consistent is her use of vibrant eye catching colours.
Lorraine is currently an Occasional Teacher with the Limestone District School Board where she teaches Visual Arts and Special Education. She strives to pass on her knowledge and passion for the arts to the next generation of artists.
News Flash!!!! Freshly Hung!!!
New works have arrived by award winning painters Marissa Sweet and Karen Richardson. We are honoured to have original works from these fabulous ladies at Cornerstone. We invite you to come in and see them for yourself... All I can say is spectacular! Marissa works in a variety of mediums including oils and acrylics and Karen works in watercolour. If you are looking to grace the walls of your home with beautiful and original art look no further!

Join us for the Holiday Window Competition
I remember as a small child going to Yorkdale in Toronto at Christmas and looking at all the beautifully decorated storefront windows featuring festive scenes of the holiday season. (Maybe that's where my love for all things sparkly began!) To this day I love looking at all the decorations and the ingenious ideas that people come up with. You can pass this tradition down to your children right here in DT Kingston!
The Holiday Window Competition has begun! Participating retailers have pulled out all the stops and have done a fantastic job of decorating their windows! We encourage everyone to c'mon down and see them all first hand! One you have seen them all you can vote for your favourite by clicking on this link:

The last day to vote will be December 19th. The prize for the first place winner? Bragging rights until next year! (You can only vote once!!!!)
Big Thank You!!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nick Leniuk for being with us in-store on Saturday December 1 from 10-4 pm where he wowed people with his demonstration of how he creates his amazing carvings. It was an awesome experience and we can't wait to have Nick back again to show off his talents!
Festive Favourites

Here is a small sampling of artists & craftspeople who share their works at Cornerstone. Canadian made with love, blood, sweat & tears. That's what you get when you buy hand made.
Jessica Lin
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