Holiday Pup Alert
December 9th, 2017

AVAILABLE PUPPIES for Good Little Girls & Boys & Exceptional Adults
Attached is a document called Goberian Characteristics. This document will give you important breed characteristics of the unusual and rare XANADU hybrid (& multigenerational) Goberian Dog. Also Attached is a document called XANADU Breeding Goals. This document describes XANADU'S goals toward its mission of developing The World's Best Family Dog. Puppies that are currently available are Goberian hybrids & multigenerationals.

Please call Sheron Steele at 970 626-9747 or (Cell) 970 708-8030 for inquiries about a puppy. At this time of the year, no texts or emails, please -- I'm not always available for computer or texts, and the pup you hope to purchase could be sold to someone who calls me and receives an immediate response regarding availability.

ALL XANADU PUPPIES ARE GUARANTEED for Temperament, Genetic Soundness, and Great Vet-Checked Health. 
Puppy Information & Photos of ZOE' & PAZ'S Available Guardian Female Pups

ZOE - 1. AVAILABLE Guardian BRAVA, Zoe's dark red/dark black-brown/and white -color Guardian Female: Photos #1 & 2 In photo #1, Brava is on the left (Persia is on the right. We think Miss Persia has been sold to a California Guardian home, but oh...the wildfires!) Photo #2 is of Brava at 7 weeks.

BRAVA is 8-weeks old and can go to a new Guardian Home at this time. Please see attached Guardian Information. Call me if you are interested in this little girl.

Brava is VERY smart, loving, and remarkably beautiful. She has 1 1/2 blue eyes. Her Breeding Agreement is for two litters. A Guardian puppy is our best puppy (often a male and a female pup, if the litter is large; sometimes just one pup). This pup is offered at a greatly reduced price in partnership with a Guardian Home. Puppy gets a wonderful home; the Guardian person/family has XANADU'S best pup for a fraction of the cost. And XANADU gets to see the pup's beautiful characteristics in future litters; that is, XANADU lineages improve litter by litter by litter. 
Pup selection begins on the 13 Dec., beginning with Cafe's Guardian Pup(s). The Guardian could be a male or a female. Photos of this litter begin with three females, followed by four males. Again, one pup has been sold to a CA home; we think three pups are AVAILABLE -- possibly one Pet Home male and one female and the Guardian pup. Pet Home prices are $2150 (plus any transportation costs). Guardian price is $1250 plus transportation. Puppies can go home between Dec. 21 and Dec. 28.

This litter is a personal favorite, because of the personalities and characteristics of the parent dogs and ancestors. I may keep a pup from this litter myself, but at least at this moment, the GUARDIAN pup is AVAILABLE . Pups are expected to be gorgeous, very smart, alert, friendly -- all characteristics for which XANADU breeds -- but magnified in this litter.

Please note: Pups that will be flying to new homes may be restricted on some United PetSafe Cargo flight dates. According to United Airlines, pups can fly on the 22nd and 23rd and then again on the 27th and 28th. Some new owners plan to fly into Colorado Springs to pick up their new puppy and then fly back home with puppy in the cabin. This is a safer option. If you choose to pick up your new pup in Colorado Springs, please check the airline carrier you select for regulations regarding pup travel in the cabin. All who will receive pups by air cargo or in-cabin transportation,
please see attached Airport-to-Home instructions. PetSafe Cargo total expenses are $475, payable by PayPal -- just add to the balance remaining for your puppy. If your pup is delivered to you at the Colorado Springs airport, prices are dictated by the requirements of the airline carrier. Please call me for more information. These expenses can be added to the balance owed for your pup.

Complete payment for Cafe' Ole's pups is due on 14 Dec.; payment can be made through the PayPal website, using my email address:

Photos 1 & 1-B of Cafe's pups shows a tri-color female who will have a fluffier coat. Her eyes are expected to be brown/gray--and she has puppy food on her forehead and ears! Very pretty pup. Brown-eyed price of $2150.

Photos 2 & 2-B are of the second female, also a tri-color who is expected to have brown eyes -- another very pretty pup.

Photos 3 & 3-B are of the third female who is a cream color. At this time, this puppy has blue eyes that will be Cleopatra eye-liner eyes (and lovely). It is my guess that these eyes could turn a steel gray, wolf-yellow, green, or amber. Unless this pup/any puppy is chosen as a Litter Pick, eye color will be determined at pup- selection on 13 Dec., and eye color will determine price. Whatever eye color, this is a lovely female pup!

Photos 4 & 4-B are of Cafe's gold-coated brown-eyed boy. There are two golden boys, and both are beautiful. This gold pup's price is $2150.

Photos 5 & 5-B Cafe's gold-coated blue-eyed boy. At this time, this pup (and I apologize for sub-standard photos) has a blue right eye . If he has a blue eye on Dec. 13, his price will be the blue-eyed price of $2650; if brown, his price will be the same as his brother's price: $2150. And if his blue eye turns brown/gray after 13 Dec. when pups are selected, you may request a refund to the brown-eyed price.

Photos 6 & 6-B show a male who has four coat colors really -- a quadra-color -- who has brown eyes and beautiful symmetry. Another very nice-looking boy. This boy is $2150 as a brown-eyed Pet Home pup, although any pup could be selected as a Litter Pick.

Photos 7 & 7-B are of a tri-color male who, at this time, has one blue eye. If his eye color stabilizes and remains blue, he could be our Guardian pup. If he is a Guardian, his price will be $1250, and he will sire 5 litters of pups. While Guardian Information is attached, an example of XANADU'S Guardian Agreement is on our website. ALL Guardian pups go to homes that are intended to be FOREVER HOMES -- like all other XANADU pups. 
Please remember to call me by phone if you have questions about any of these very sweet pups. XANADU wishes each one of you the best of Holidays -- warmth and love, countless hugs, safe adventures, chocolate, a good gift or two, and puppy breath. And remember that chocolate, mistletoe, poinsettias are poisonous to dogs, and you'll be sorry if your dog eats very much turkey... 
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
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