It's Giving Tuesday!
Help Us Get These Little Ones To Homes for the Holidays

The precious pups pictured above are just a handful of our animals in need right now. Their holiday pics were taken yesterday at our Animal Transport Center. All of the little ones were rescued from overcrowded animal shelters or from the streets, as part of our lifesaving animal transport program. We are also gearing up to send more than 100 homeless kittens to new families before the end of the year!

Times have been tough here in Louisiana, both for animals and the people who care for them. Animal shelters and rescues have been struggling in the post-Covid environment. Some have cut services, as they struggle to find adequate staff. Veterinary appointments have also been increasingly difficult to find, due to staff shortages. All of these factors have contributed to making our lifesaving work all the more difficult.

Adoptions are down, while the need for help for stray, injured and abused animals has increased significantly. As many families have struggled to find housing, more animals have been relinquished. At the same time, our operating costs have increased dramatically with inflation, as donations have decreased.

  • Cruelty Investigation & Rescue of Abused Animals
  • Lifesaving Animal Adoption Transports
  • Disaster Response & Pet Food Relief
  • Spay & Neuter Programs....and more.

With no tax funding to support our work, we rely solely on your contributions to pay vet bills, put gas in our rescue vehicles and operate our animal care facilities. Please, won't you contribute as generously as you can to help our recently rescued puppies and kittens and all of the others, who will rely on us to save them in 2023?

Thank you so much for caring and for your support.


Founder & Executive Director
Humane Society of Louisiana

13 Dogs & 3 Cats Rescued from Horrible Conditions in Avoyelles Parish
We receive calls to help abused, neglected and homeless animals every day of the week. Many reports come from areas with no shelters or other services, so the animals often have no other chance of rescue. A lieutenant from the Avoyelles Parish Sheriff's Office contacted us recently and asked if we could remove multiple pets from an abandoned trailer in Marksville. The local government doesn't operate a public animal shelter, so they had no place to house the animals. We agreed to help and asked our friends at the Atchafalaya River Rescue to work with us. Volunteers went to the site over two days and removed 13 dogs and three cats. Some of the dogs were living in small kennels inside the filthy, abandoned trailer. Others, like the chocolate lab/pit mix, above, were chained outside without any food or water. We have been in communication with the sheriff's office to make sure that the owner will be cited accordingly and not allowed to walk away. A single rescue operation involving this many animals costs thousands of dollars, and we are called upon to coordinate many such efforts each year. Your support this holiday season will help us do more!

The Humane Society of Louisiana helps thousands of cats each year through programs including adoption transports, cruelty investigations, disaster relief, spay/neuter and community cat caregiver/TNR support. We recently sponsored a spay/neuter clinic in Livingston parish to subsidize low/cost neuter for 50 cats. We are particularly in need of cat foster homes and cat food, as well as TNR volunteers. Contact us at to get involved in 2023.
Your donations will help us rescue and care for neglected horses and expand the facilities at our 47-acre Enoch J. Donaldson Animal Sanctuary in Mount Hermon, in Washington parish. In nearby Tylertown, we also operate our Animal Transport Center and the 200 acre Merry Wood Refuge, a. haven for countless native species.
We were happy to help sweet Roo Roo, when the homeless pup was hit by a car and left for dead in rural Avoyelles parish. With no other local group and no animal control to help, we stepped in to raise funds for her surgery. We're very happy to report that her foster Mom fell in love with her (who wouldn't?) and she has decided to adopt her, just in time for the holidays!
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