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December 2019

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Holiday Recycling Guide!
While the list of items accepted for recycling does not change with the holiday season, the following items can cause some confusion this time of year. 

These items are NOT accepted in your curbside recycling bin or cart nor at the recycling drop-off sites.

If you are not sure if something can be recycled please use the RRRASOC Recycling Directory.
Plastic Bags, Plastic Mailing Envelopes



Holiday Lights

Christmas Trees

Tissue Paper

Metallic or Glitter Paper


Bubble Wrap




Clothing - In Simple Recycling bags ONLY
Christmas Tree Recycling
Oakland County Parks will provide Christmas tree recycling at 11 sites throughout the county from December 26, 2019 through January 26, 2020.

For more information, visit Oakland County Parks .
Holiday Waste Facts
Americans create 25% more trash during the holidays. But we don’t have to! Check out the holiday waste facts below and think about how you can make your holidays more eco-friendly!

  1. Holiday lights in the U.S. use more than 2.2 million mega-watt hours of electricity every holiday season. That's enough electricity to run more than 173,000 homes for a year.
  2. Approximately 1.5 billion cards are sent over the holiday season in the U.S., which requires 300,000 new trees to be harvested per year. 
  3. 3 in 4 Americans wish that holidays were less materialistic. Nearly 9 in 10 believe that holidays should be more about family and caring for others, not giving and receiving gifts.
  4. There are approximately 33 million live holiday trees sold in the U.S. every year.
  5. In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more resources than in all of previous history.
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Plastic Bags
Food Wrappers
Plastic Bottles
RRRASOC Recycling Directory
Not sure what to do with stuff?

Visit and use the Recycling Directory search bar to type in keywords and get recycling, composting, reuse or disposal instructions.

The searchable, intuitive format of the Recycling Directory provides RRRASOC specific information.

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