Dear friends and supporters,

Many people are filled with gratitude during the holiday season, a season which is recognized by many people in many different ways. As we look back over the past year and our first 10 years of supporting philanthropy throughout Nova Scotia, we too are filled with gratitude; gratitude to have seen so many people realizing an impact in their communities, and gratitude for being on the journey of an even greater impact in Nova Scotia.

That is the gift that our donors and our friends give to us every day, not just during the holiday season, and we want to thank you for that and wish you a very happy and peaceful holiday.

As the end of 2018 approaches, you may also be thinking about your last minute investments in the causes that matter most to you or in the charities that support your community. Eighty-four percent of Canadians give, and the majority of that giving occurs in the later days of the calendar year. As the deadline for tax deduction eligibility is approaching every bit as fast as the end of 2018, we have found that the reason for the spike in giving is not the tax receipt, it's the feeling of gratitude that is part of celebrating connections with family and friends.

You might not have thought of it before, but the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia is also a charity and an investment in our work will enable us to further realize philanthropy's potential throughout our province. You can click here to invest in our work or support any of the 60 funds stewarded by us.

If you'd like to donate by cheque, our address is 806-1888 Brunswick Street, Halifax NS B3J 3J8. Make sure the envelope is postmarked by midnight on December 31st to ensure you will receive a charitable receipt for 2018.

Did you know?

If your donations do not total $200.00, it might be worth hanging on to them and claiming them along with other receipts in a future year. To learn more about Carryforward, visit the Canada Revenue Agency  website.

And finally, the CFNS office will be closed from December 21st to January 2nd; however, we will still be available for you. We will be checking our email each regular business day during the holiday and you can always reach Angela at 902-220-1592.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and an exciting 2019.

From the Board and Staff,
Angela Bishop                                                                    Robert Orr
Executive Director                                                             Chair

Happy holidays from all of us at CFNS!
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