The Spirited Woman
IT'S THE HOLIDAYS! On our Holiday Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of spirited authors. For the first time ever, we've featured a husband/wife author team and a male author who is genuinely supporting women. All these books make wonderful gifts. Save this list all year round, too! A great book resource for you.
52 WEEKS OF GRATITUDE JOURNAL - Each week there is a story of gratitude to help inspire you, followed by a coloring page. Learning to practice and live in gratitude can bring you bounds of abundance in your life. The more you exercise your gratitude muscle the more natural it will become to just BE in gratitude. Amazon

WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE, THE ENNEAGRAM EFFECT - by Rosemary Hurwitz, MA.PS. Is an easy guide for individuals looking within. Rosemary's Enneagram is an emotional wellness tool, filled with insights about yourself and those you love! She outlines the "Seven Mainstays" for each personality, including a close look at your "Wellness Map." A quiz, songs, and more! A fascinating read! .

CODEBREAKER - Did you know you have unseen codes in your DNA that control your life? What if you could uncover these hidden codes and neutralize them once and for all? You CAN! International #1 bestselling authors, Sandra and Daniel Biskind show you step by step what YOU can do to unlock the best version of YOU. Amazon.

THE SOULFUL CHILD: TWELVE YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS - Out of the '60s counterculture movement arises a true story about risking it all for freedom, told from the heart of child born and raised in the wilderness of Lindrith. Gallaway puts NM on the world map for its enchanting beauty and collective of awe-inspiring people. "An extraordinary read" ( Midwest Book Review). Amazon.
GARDENING WITH GUNS. In the months following her father's sudden and tragic death, AJ's reminiscences about her turbulent childhood and is compelled to view her life through a fresh lens and confront the suspicion that her husband has been leading a secret life. This true story is one woman's struggle to triumph over the past and honor her inner voice. Amazon.

THE ALCHEMY OF NOISE - In this powerful, contemporary love story exploring the gap between two Americas, an interracial couple's fledgling relationship endures police profiling and resistance from select family and friends, only to be shattered when a violent arrest leaves them questioning what they really know of each other and just whom to trust. Amazon.

LONG WALK ON A DRY ROAD - is the story of H2OpenDoors, a project of Rotary International. Turning the tables on conventional wisdom, this international bestseller provides a fresh outlook on our relationships with nonprofits and the poor. By providing water technologies at villages and schools, women's water councils can foster two things even more important than water... self-reliance and human dignity. Amazon.
SPIRITUAL VERSE TODAY GOD'S LIGHT VOLUME 1 - is the first book in the three-part inspirational Spiritual Verse Today series from Award-Winning, #1 Best-Selling author Sharon CassanoLochman. There are many battlefields in life. Release your burdens-whatever they may be. Find forgiveness for the past, peace in the moment, and hope for the future. Amazon.


AGELESS & SEXY: THE MAGIC OF LOVE - GETTING COMFORTABLE WITH UNCERTAINTY - The second book in Sheila Pearl's "Ageless & Sexy" series has received advance praise from such notables as Arielle Ford who calls her a "wise and courageous love warrior." Readers describe her book as "brave" and "compassionate" claiming it has changed the way they view life's challenges. Amazon

SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME - has been hailed as a "lovely and accessible resource," a "sweet little gift of a book for connecting with one's inner spirit," and a source of "comfort, creativity and spiritual expression." Beautifully illustrated, this hardcover, interactive, non-denominational intro to Heavenly Guides and Angels is a blessing for all ages. Amazon.
DEATH ON THE STRIP - by Joan Peck, author of Death Card Series. Rosalie Bennett writes a column on What's Hip in Vegas. To make extra money she uses her psychic ability and tarot cards to predict the future for her clients. But when the death card shows up and murders follow, she must use her talents in a whole new way. Amazon.

MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE CHILD- When her mother is murdered, a little girl becomes separated from her four siblings and is moved into her abusive father's home. NJ Heartland Hero and best-selling author Kelly Walk Hines brings her true story of hope in the darkness. You'll learn you're bigger than what hurts you, and much stronger than you think. Amazon

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