The Spirited Woman
THE HOLIDAYS are a time to give gifts - and treat yourself to a good book. On our Holiday Top 12 Book Pick list, we've featured an array of authors who will inspire you. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list year round! A great resource for you.
TREE SPIRITED WOMAN - Multi-Award Winning Book! Over 25,000 Copies Sold! A story of spiritual awakening and life enrichment wherever one is in their life journey. 100% relevant teachings about acceptance, letting go, living in the present, and the all important concept of gratitude. This is a Must read for Women everywhere. The Perfect Gift!

MOURNING DOVE - The winner of five awards, this book is a Southern family saga set in the genteel side of 1970's Memphis. Millie Crossan tells of growing up with her charismatic brother, Finley, amidst the glittering social mores of Southern society. But what hidden variables take their shared history to leave brother and sister at disparate ends? Amazon.
THE ENDLESS PATH - Tells the story of two soulmates whose love knows no bounds. Laurie and Gunny, her Labrador Retriever, encourage us to contemplate the extraordinary possibilities that lie within each of us, animal or human. As Gunny reminds us, "We are all connected to the same consciousness. Life is life, souls are souls." Amazon.

KINDNESS CRUSADER - Are you ready to change the world? Join us as we inspire people all over the world to be kind and loving to one another. Kindness Crusader has weekly stories from authors worldwide to inspire your inner crusader. With fifty-two stories and twelve months of Kindness calendars and bingo cards included, you'll never run out of inspiration. Amazon
CHAKRA EMPOWERMENT FOR WOMEN - This new take on ancient energy teachings appeals to those already familiar with the chakras and to those who are brand new. Based on the feminine energy body, this book empowers women to utilize their chakras in tune with their life phases and cycles, including pregnancy and menopause, and includes important info on sexual trauma healing. Amazon.

MY NEW FRIEND, GRIEF - With extraordinary honesty, Anna Oginsky shares her experience with grief after the sudden death of her father. This award-winning memoir discusses the feelings and fears we face in grief. As Oginsky reveals her personal insights into loss and life, we find a friend who affirms that, as we too grieve, we are not alone. Amazon.

THE OTHER SIDE OF PAIN - is the life-changing handbook for abuse survivors who've secretly carried their pain and are ready to reclaim their power. Drawing from her own experiences, insights from other survivors, along with transformative healing practices, Veronica Crystal Young shows survivors how to recognize when their past is triggering pain and driving self-destructive choices or limiting beliefs. Amazon.
IS THIS SEAT TAKEN? (3 Book Gift Set) - In her highly acclaimed book series, author Kristin S. Kaufman explores life through the "seats" we sit in throughout the journey. Drawing from real-life moments, she shares hidden blessings of every day encounters that inspire and teach us how to recognize wisdom gained and lessons learned, if we know how to look.

A HUMAN MOSAIC: HEAL, RENEW & DEVELOP SELF-WORTH -Inspirational author Anne Boudreau explores how self-worth determines our ability to thrive beyond trauma and overcome life's challenges. In a world racked by violence, suicide, drug overdoses, bigotry, and social media fueled by anger and isolation, Anne Ockene Boudreau throws a lifeline to anyone who is struggling. Amazon.

THE POWER OF MANAGING STRESS - 15 Steps To Reduce Stress, Increase Health and Take Your Life Into Your Hands to Become a Happy, Healthy Person. Denise Thomson shares information from her 40 + years of experiences as a nurse, fitness trainer and certified transformational health coach. She wants to give you hope and help you reduce your stress. Amazon. Facebook.
PAIN'S PURPOSE: YOUR GUIDE TO TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING - A no-nonsense step-by-step guide to understanding how, and why, we find ourselves in bad situations. This guide, mixed with anecdotes is based on the true story of one woman's complete financial, emotional, and spiritual collapse that brought her on the verge of suicide, to moments of epiphanies and self-healing, rebuilding her life stronger than ever before. Amazon.

NO ONE STOOD UP WHEN I ENTERED THE ROOM: ONE WOMAN'S JOURNEY FROM COMMAND TO TRUE LEADERSHIP - by Linda Patten, Leadership Expert, turns the traditional male leadership model on its head! Through gender heritage, practical strategies, and her own remarkable, uplifting personal stories, learn how to leverage your best masculine and feminine qualities for maximum influence and impact: ComfluentialTM Leadership. Amazon.

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