The Spirited Woman
THE HOLIDAYS are a magical time of year - with excitement and emotions galore. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services that will help you during the holidays and all year round. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list! A great resource tool for you.
ERIN LEY - Creator of the new Shattered Woman Rising! series. A coach, author, speaker, and host of Onward And Upward podcast, Erin thrives after cancer, three miracle children & divorce! She empowers you to move beyond turmoil and rise into life with strength, clarity, and connection. Contact Erin for a FREE 30-minute consultation Sign-up for Shattered Woman Rising! here:

MAUREEN MANLEY, MA SPIRIT IN MOTION - Transformational Speaker, Coach, Consultant and National Cycling Champion. Maureen empowers individuals and organizations to be resilient changemakers. Her field-tested holistic insights help propel past the status quo to guide creative solutions and breakthrough results. Maureen's illuminating "wounded healer" insights offer holistic solutions that strengthens belief in the power of the Human Spirit!

HEART OF THE GODDESS: A SACRED PILGRIMAGE TO MYSTICAL AVALON - May 12-24, 2019. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the glorious British Isles--the holy heart of Avalon--where magic, mystery, and myth weave their wonders around our hearts and invite us on a soulful journey of powerful expansion and sacred homecoming. Bless yourself with this unforgettable gift.

MAGGIE JUDGE - A meaningful image is worth 1,000 words of expression. The images that convey your passion and offerings separates you from the rest... they create key connections effortlessly. Maggie will bring life to your brand expression that is meaningful to you & your audience through logos, social-media toolkits, content imagery, and videos! Her passion is to create!
PRASANNA DIANA MANUELA - is an Inspirational Speaker, Published Author and Creatrix of Elemental Woman™. She travels and speaks Internationally to share her passion to Awaken a New Generation of Wise Woman Leaders and to share the profound wisdom she has received over a course of 30 years. Listen to Prasanna's captivating keynote at the International WomanSpeak Festival.
DENISE CASSINO - is an Internet Marketing Specialist with a focus on Amazon #1 Bestseller campaigns. With a 40-year background in marketing and sales, Denise helps her clients develop a social media platform along with improving their profile on Amazon. She has launched 500+ books to #1 status, enabling them to leverage their expert status and increased book sales.


VICTORIA BENOIT, M.C. - Center for Extraordinary Outcomes Founder, is a seasoned, certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning®, who assists her clients in clearing limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, and negative emotions that prevent them from having what they want in the areas of career satisfaction, loving relationships, financial prosperity, emotional serenity, health & vitality, mental clarity, weight management & spiritual healing.    

LAURINE PISARRI - is a gifted spiritual woman who accesses the Akashic Records. A gentle, loving person with a pure heart, she shares this beautiful and sacred wisdom in her fun and down-to-earth way. A session with Laurine will leave you with a heart full of understanding and encouragement. You'll learn the answers to questions you've had your entire life.
CRISTEN IRIS - believes that writing and editing are a way of life, the deliberate refinement of thought and action that results in contributing at our highest level. As a book collaborator and developmental editor, her mission is to help purpose-driven, results-oriented people use the power of words to spread messages of strength and hope that lead to personal and professional growth.

CYNTHIA SHOLES Ph.D. - is a positive mind therapist and the founder of Mind Wave Institute. Her goal is to harness the natural healing power of the mind to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Tapping into the inaccessible subconscious - she will help you eliminate old baggage, limiting beliefs and reduce stress.

VIRGINIA ADAMS - Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Guide, Author, Artist and Creator of the "Universal Gravity Code Program." Allow me to participate in your transformation from a fear based life to one that is grounded in LOVE. You are LOVE! We will tap into your intuition and inner wisdom, to discover that you have all your answers within you; you are your own expert.

ELIZABETH COPLAN promotes the concept: Out of Grief Comes Art. Founder of Grief Dialogues, an artistic movement created to start new conversations about dying, death & grief; she is also Co-Creator of Grief Dialogues: The Play. Elizabeth believes grief often shares a space in our lives that needs filling. Through theatre, storytelling, music, visual art, and film, we give that grief a voice.  

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