The Spirited Woman
THE HOLIDAYS are a great time to evaluate the past year and plan to start a new decade! Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with women visionaries who will help to inspire & motivate you. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list! A great resource tool for you all year round.
BEVERLEY GLAZER, MA - Coach, Counselor, Empowerment  expert; teaches women to age powerfully, with clarity, confidence and pride. Is fear and doubt holding you back? Do you have the courage to charge what you are worth? All women deserve to be, love who they are & achieve the happiness & success they deserve. Discover what's blocking your way in the free quiz.

MOVEMENT, MOMENTUM, MAGIC - Passion instigator and movement motivator, Paulette is a Lifestyle and Creativity Coach, speaker, dancer, author, guiding you on exploratory journeys to get clarity and connection with soul desires through movement and words. Combining practical with woo, whether virtually or at her women's retreats, you rewrite your story and step up into your abundance to shine your light.

KAS SOBEY BA, CH - is the founder and creator of Inner Harvest. She assists in finding the uniqueness within each person, guiding them towards their inner power and wholeness. Kas is certified in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Core Transformation. Including SoulCollage®, JourneyCircles™. She is a Veriditas trained Labyrinth Facilitator. Kas facilitates workshops that deeply inspires her as well as many others.
DARCY PARISO - is an animal communicator, healer and medium. Darcy shares messages from animals in our lives and those in spirit. Through radio, classes, and private readings, Darcy honors their request to "tell them who we are." Darcy's passion is helping you deepen your relationship, share your animal's needs and insights and prove their love for us never dies.
ANGELIC SOUL HEALING SESSIONS - Kelly Beyer is an Angelic Intuitive with over 32 years of experience to scan your body (the light house effect) from the soul level outwards.  Releasing unconscious patterns creating spontaneous physical and emotional healing. Her Swarovski crystal jewlery radiates the same healing frequencies. You can chose which method resonates most with your soul's journey. Facebook
THE WORLDWIDE METAPHYSICAL TRIBE NETWORKING EVENT - Founded by tarot reader/healer Deborah Frueh for professional metaphysicians and alternative practitioners. Held in August in Illinois, this Tribe brings together professional metaphysical practitioners of all types to work in cooperation, not competition. Learn all about past events on our Facebook  page. Tickets only available through the mailing list at

DR. MARILYN STEELE - is a Jungian psychologist, Dream Analyst, author and mentor to PrimeTime (50+) women who long to come alive to their new story. Dr. Marilyn helps visionary entrepreneurs, transformational leaders, consultants and creatives revision success, redefine power and reclaim joy. Private, individual mentoring ~The Wayfinder Journey~ and online courses ~The Way of the Wild Feminine~ available in 2020.
CHRISTINE KIDDER - is a Creative Life Purpose Coach, teacher, and artist. With Scientific Hand Analysis and art, she helps you navigate The Art of Living on Purpose. Offering workshops and presentations, she shares tools for greater self-awareness and empowerment as well as private hand readings and coaching. Her goal is to support the creative expression of your life purpose.
PSYCHOTHERAPIST, LISA ARANAS, JD, LCPC, & ANA ROUSSEV, SPIRITUAL COACH, ENERGY HEALER, & CLAIRVOYANT - co-founded Empowered & Authentic Living. Bridging psychology and spirituality they empower individuals to find their authentic happiness through individual and joint sessions, workshops, and personally developed products for spiritual enlightenment. Their big mission is to help people raise their vibration and come to a place of oneness. Facebook
TOO MANY FALL INTO THE PHARMA TRAP - I'm Barbara Chandler and I have been in the health and wellness industry for 15 years - always looking for holistic remedies to help others get off toxic drugs. In searching I have found LifeWave. A company that makes non-trans dermal patches to activate photo-therapy throughout your body for overall optimal health.

KIM HARRINGTON - I help animals who suffered emotional or physical traumas. I also guide people to heal from the gifts of the animal kingdom. Together we share a greater compassion that ripples across communities - guiding us to peace. I offer reiki with human and animal clients worldwide and teach animal reiki with the Let Animals Lead ® method. Facebook.

SARAH THORPE - brings over 30 years of personal and professional development. As a healer, mentor, teacher, priestess, psychic and minister she supports women entrepreneur healers, who struggle to break through the $5k a month ceiling. She helps them to access their spiritual connection, reprogram their energy, and double their revenue with ease. Without working harder or getting another qualification. SarahThorpeHealer.

Every woman on this pick list has made a difference for women. If you would like to be featured or recommend another Spirited Woman for our next list, call Nancy @ 805-698-3555 or Our Top 12 Pick List logo is a symbol of recognition for inspiring and supporting other women.