November 2016

Holiday Staff Picks, Part One!
Picture Books! Food & Drink! Cats!
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Picture Books!
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This season, we're bringing you a series of three emails highlighting our Staff Favorites! We seek to bring you the most literate, quirky, smart, useful, and fun items possible for your gift-giving pleasure! So here we go! Click on the links below to learn more about the items or to order through our website.

Have a hard-to-shop-for person on your list? Stop in or email us and let our booksellers help you find the right book! Anything we don't have in-store, we can likely order in just a couple of days! We also have gift certificates available! Let us know what we can do for you!

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Picture Books!

Du Iz Tak? - Carson Ellis
Ellis has illustrated a few of my favorite books, so I always take notice of something new. In this beautiful book, she has created an entire bug language for you to translate. Not knowing exactly what the bugs are saying makes it the job of our imaginations to fully realize this wonderful story.[Kenny]

Ada Twist, Scientist - Beaty & Roberts
Prepare to be charmed by Ada, an adorable, naturally inquisitive child. This young girl explores the world through questions and hypotheses, diving into science and math to find her answers. This picture book is great for any young girl interested in the STEM fields! [Nicole]

I Dissent - Levy & Baddeley
This introduction to the youthful Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an empowering story for the girls and boys out there who want to follow their own dreams, even when their way is different from everyone else's. Dissenting isn't a bad thing at all. [Raissa]

Presents Through the Window -
Taro Gomi  
I don't even like Christmas, but this sly, charming, cute-as-a-warren-of- bunnies-in-a-sweater book makes me love the holiday. A harried Santa looks through the cut-out windows, mis-judging the residents, but nevertheless giving the perfect presents. [sweet pea]

Radiant Child - Javaka Steptoe
Artist Steptoe evokes the messy beauty of Jean-Michel Basquiat in this gorgeously illustrated biography of the renowned painter. While made for kids, anyone who loves Basquiat or fine art will love this book. Those looking for art in all things, like Basquiat, will fall in love. [Kenny]

King Baby - Kate Beaton   
One of our favorite authors brings us the storied tale of King Baby. Is the King adorable? Yes. Is the King demanding? More than his subjects could have imagined. It's a faithful account of the baby years, charming and amusing, and acknowledges the hard work of all who serve royalty. [Raissa] 
Food & Drink!

Polska: New Polish Cooking - Zuza Zak
Not only does Polska have the expected dumplings and soups, it has harder-to-find treats like party food and cocktails. There are brief histories to provide context and it is beautiful. This is my new comfort food and entertaining guidebook all in one. [Raissa]


The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook - Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Many cookbooks are food porn. Isa's cookbooks make me want to start cooking on the FIRST PAGE. She is my favorite. Whether vegan or not, this book provides recipes for every occasion. Utter deliciousness on every page.  [sweet pea]

Art of the Pie
- Kate McDermott

The images of pies are so beautiful, I wanted to start eating the pages. McDermott braids nostalgic essays about her childhood with detailed recipes for every pie you could think of and more. From savory to sweet, you'll find everything you need to get baking this season.  [Nicole]

Appetites - Anthony Bourdain
This is Bourdain's first cookbook in ten years and it is everything we love about the globe-trotting chef in one book, including dishes from his home kitchen and dishes he discovered while traveling the world. This is the food he makes for his family and friends.

One Pan, Two Plates - Carla Snyder

These dishes are so hearty and varied that I didn't realize they were all vegetarian. I cook every single day and one pan versions of old and new favorites are a delight. Every recipe includes ideas for additional ingredients or sides to make it extra filling. Tasty scratch cooking.  [Raissa] 

Cats !
Staff picks from our store felines! 

Shop Cats of New York- Tamar Arslanian & Andrew Marttila
Thank You. Listen, it is past time to acknowledge the vital role cats play in the American economy. Despite the paucity of shop cats in Tacoma, we are here teaching humans how to make money. [Atticus]

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety - Zachary Auburn
My Instagram followers know I am deeply concerned about the future of our kittehs. Moral turpitude. Wrong attitudes. Staff who do not feed felines on time. Be prepared. Do your part to save the kittehs from the sex, drugs, and the Satanism! [Herbert]

Cat Bingo - Marcel George
I don't understand you humans love of B-13 and N-37, when you could be calling for a Maine Coon, a Siamese, or a Scottish Fold. Bingo was his name-o isn't a dog, but a cat. Play the real game with this beautiful, true game of competitive wonderment. [Atticus] 

Can I Have a Kitten? - Mina Braun
Listen. To be klere, i do not want a kitteh. In fact I just want treats. Howevah, this book, filled with cat constructibles and activities meets my approeal. It's only slightly less cute than me. [Herbert]

All Black Cats Are Not Alike- Amy Godwater & Peter Arkle
We're loveable, we're fun...and we're all a little bit weird. I may like lounging on people's shoulders like a scarf, but my fellow cats have been caught rocking out to goth metal and eating big bags of Cheetos. Ha! Haven't caught me yet!  [Atticus]

The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read - Curtis Manley & Kate Berube
This book reminds me of the summer before i started at the bookstare. While my interest is more focused on Czech theologians, i recognize myself in this cute, swashbuckling tail. [Herbert]

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