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Happy Holidays from your Green Mountain Porsche Club
Board of Directors

The Green Mountain Region held its holiday party on Saturday, December 5, 2020. Due to Vermont’s Covid-19 restrictions we had to hold this great annual event on the Zoom platform -- nonetheless it was still fun! Along with the party, Green Mountain Region conducted a highly successful fundraiser to benefit the Vermont Foodbank and all the help it brings to people in need year round but especially right now.

The party was enjoyed by a number of GMR members and offered us an opportunity to do some great holiday socializing during these pandemic days. Events Chair Duffy Miller kicked off the party with opening remarks, and then introduced the evening’s entertainment — Vermont singer-songwriter Jon Gailmor.
Jon is an “artist in residence” for Vermont schools, and an entertainer who has played many local and national venues, including the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Jon’s performance for us offered up several songs with a Porsche theme, including a great takeoff on Janis Joplin's Mercedes-Porsche hit back in the day!

The music set a nice mood for the rest of the party and the consensus was that a future in-person concert is in order. If you would like to learn more about Jon visit his website at
Farewell 2020!

Outgoing President Carl Wulfestieg offered a brief commentary on our 2020 GMR year. He noted that while the Covid-19 pandemic threw a monkey wrench in our plans, we still managed to conduct several successful tours cutting a broad swath across the state. We held our annual meeting using Zoom, Carl noted. Carl also extended a “thank you” to the Board for its work on behalf of the Club, especially during his medically necessary absences.

Cocktail Hour!

In addition to Jon Gailmor's performance and the enjoyable conversations, a highlight of the evening was the favorite-cocktail contest. Participating members were asked to submit the recipe for their favorite cocktail and we received ten candidates. The libations ranged from fine wines to single malts to elaborate concoctions.

The ten submissions were presented to the party goers and in some cases triggered interesting stories of world travel and bartender exchanges. After much discussion and deliberation a vote was taken and the winner by an extremely close margin was the Frosty Gold Fashion submitted by Duffy and Bernie Miller. The Cranberry Daiquiri recipe submitted by Susan and Carl Wulfestieg finished a close second place.

The winners:

Frosty Gold Fashion- Duffy and Bernie Miller
1.5 oz of Vermont 14 Maple Bourbon (Vermont Spirits
Distilling, Co of Quechee)
1 oz of Laphroaig scotch (or other peaty single malt)
Couple dashes each of orange bitters and angostura bitters
1 teaspoon of maple syrup
Shake with ice, strain and serve over a large cube of ice with a slice of orange

Cranberry Daiquiri-Carl and Sue Wulfestieg
Dissolve 1/2 cup sugar & 1/2 cup water in medium saucepan
over medium heat
 Add 1 cinnamon stick & 1/2 teaspoon grated orange peel. Bring to boil
 Mix in 1/2 cup cranberries and cook them until they pop.
Let cool then discard cinnamon.
 Pour mixture into jar; add 1/2 cup light rum. Chill.
 Strain syrup into pitcher, reserve cranberries. Add 6 tablespoons each dark rum, light rum, cranberry juice & lemon juice to pitcher. Chill
 Service in martini glasses filled w/crushed ice. Use cranberries as garnish.
GMR Vermont Foodbank Fundraiser -- $6,613 raised!

This year, the Board decided to conduct a charitable fundraiser in conjunction with the holiday party. Our chosen 2020 beneficiary was the Vermont Foodbank, which is the state’s largest hunger-relief organization, providing nutritious food through a network of more than 300 community partners — food shelves, meal sites, senior centers, after-school programs, schools and hospitals. The Foodbank, a member of Feeding America, provides about 12 million pounds of food annually to people throughout Vermont. The Board also agreed that the club would match up to $2,000 of member donations.

It was a great success: Individual Green Mountain Region members contributed $3,863, the club matched $2,000 and PCA contributed $750 bringing the grand total raised for the Foodbank to $6,613! As an added incentive for contributing, the club conducted a raffle where contributors were entered for a $50 prize which could be used to purchase a ticket for the Porsche Club of America’s members-only fall raffle for a 2020 Porsche 911 Targa 4S + $25,000. The winner of the $50 prize was Ann Pettijohn.

Everyone agreed that the party was a success but also expressed the desire and hope that we will be in a position to see each other in-person during 2021!

Happy Holidays!

Your Green Mountain Board of Directors
Member Feature

We have started a feature to highlight a member and his or her car. Please feel free to submit a photo or photos of you and your Porsche and some thoughts on why you joined the club, drives you like to take, or whatever!

This edition we feature brand new member Chas Schumacher, who owns a Grey Seal 2004 911 Carrera 4S. We welcomed him last issue and he sent us the following email:

From Chas:

I am a longtime sports car restorer and driver. I have race car legacy in my family and the Porsche is the favorite! My background is in physics and I teach/coach aerobatic/airshow pilots and fighter pilots. 

Welcome Chas! Please don't strafe our convoys.

And to other members: please reply to this email with your photo and short story!

Sandy Gilmour
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