Rudolph to the Rescue

Holiday PresentsHow are you holding up this holiday season? Do you wish you had your own team of reindeer to rush around and help you get everything done? Well, you do!

Here's what we can do for you:  
  • Planning - help with to-do and shopping lists, time management, family schedules
  • Decorating - untangling those pesky lights, setting up
  • Guest Preparation - de-cluttering and organizing, setting up guest rooms and common areas
  • Holiday Meal Preparation - food and supply shopping, setting the table
  • Party Preparation - supplies, favors, invitations, set-up
  • Holiday Gifts - shopping, wrapping, shipping
  • Personal Assistance - addressing/sending holiday cards
  • After The Holidays - organizing and putting it all away, returns/exchanges

Call us and we'll get it done!


Sanity-Saving Tips for the Holiday Season

While there are endless opportunities to create, bake, shop, and celebrate, just remember that you don't have to do it all! Decide what matters most to you, and take time to stop and smell the gingerbread.


Entertain with Ease

  • If you're hosting a party or overnight guests, hire a house cleaner. Arrange to have them come a few days before your guests. That way you'll only have to worry about last minute tidying.
  • Create a theme and get guests involved. How about a wine and cheese party?  Ask each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and cheese. You'll only need to provide the crackers and fruit.
  • Go potluck! Make sure someone has each major category covered. Then you can set the table and wait for the spread to arrive. If you're worried about not having enough, keep some frozen appetizers on hand that can be heated in minutes to fill in any gaps.

Shop with Sanity

  • Shop online. Online retailers allow you to shop around and find the best prices all from the comfort of your home. 

  • Shop locally for unique gifts. You will get personalized service, without the hassle of long lines and messy stores.

  • If you have to go to the mall, try to shop on Monday and Tuesday mornings when stores are less crowded.
  • Buy in bulk. If you are attending several holiday parties or have a long list, pick up a case of wine or chocolates. This way you'll always have something for that last-minute invitation or forgotten gift.


And last but not least: remember to take care of yourself; Get your rest, make time for activities that keep you sane, and don't forget, we're here if you need us!  

Cool Containers

Need some containers to help you organize all that holiday stuff? Check out our New England Dream House video:

Organizing Boston Holiday Organizing Tips

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Meet our Team
Kate Altieri
This month, we'd like to introduce you to Kate Altieri, one of our awesome professional organizers. You can read Kate's full bio
 on our web site, but here are Kate's answers to our favorite organizing questions:


What's the most organized place in your home? 

My sewing/craft room. It's the place I try out ideas from various sources and actively use many of the organizing products I recommend to clients. It's the room in the house that looks most like the "magazine."  


What is your favorite organizing tool/product?  Definitely my Dymo handheld label maker! I use it for everything!  It's user-friendly and very durable.


What is your favorite space/thing to organize?
Garages. There is always such a dramatic and relatively quick change when you take things from a chaotic heap on the floor to shelving and hook systems on the walls. There's a wow factor that is very satisfying when you stand back and look at the results. Clients are always amazed at what happens after a garage organization!

Kate is ready to help you tackle your organizing challenges. To set up an appointment with her, give us a call at 617-744-1429.

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