November 2022

Holiday Traditions

begin at Rhoads

One of our annual traditions at Rhoads


Join us December 3rd for...

* 50 local vendors

* Holiday Wine Tasting

* Catching up with friends

* Live Greens & Porch Pots

FREE Entry 10 am - 4 pm

VIP Only 9-10 am

Fresh Christmas Trees...

 The centerpiece of every home during the Holiday Season is, unmistakably, the Christmas Tree. Whether it sparks conversation in the midst of festive gatherings, or is quietly adored on silent nights, the Christmas Tree is so much a celebration of the season.


These evergreen arrangements are hand made and available in a variety of styles and sizes. They create a graveside focal point and an encouragement to reminisce and remember


Thanksgiving Wine

Cranberry Wine is one of our top sellers during the holidays as the quintessential Thanksgiving wine, it's crisp and clean nature makes it perfect for year round celebrations.

"Cheers" to a happy Thanksgiving with friends and family!

Save 5% on a six-pack of assorted wines

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Saturday 9-5 pm

Sunday 10-5 pm