Are the holidays already here?
OMG?! When did that happen?!

 While the holidays can be a time to focus on appreciation and gatherings of friends & loved ones, it's not always that easy! Sometimes we need a little help staying centered, relaxed and connected to what really matters to us most. 

There are many stressors and emotional triggers that can bombard us during these times, but it doesn't have to be, or at least stay that way for long!

I'm here to encourage and offer a space of peace, healing and restoration.
Whether you need to come in for a Therapeutic Massage to work out some tension and stress, ease emotional pain and discomfort with some Energetic & Sound Therapy or plug back into your Higher Guidance System for clarity and confidence... I got you!

I'm back in the office starting Tuesday November 27th to help you do just that! ...After I take a little self care time for my own ;)
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Gift Certificates
If you're looking to share some love with friends and family, I offer Gift Certificates for 60, 75 and 90 minute healing sessions.

Now available to purchase online!
Ranjot Skywalker
Massage Therapist & Healing Facilitator
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