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Holiday Greetings from the Cactus Patch

December, 2021

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Oh What Fun it was to Meet You All at the 2021 Roadside Stand!

Many thanks to all who visited us at our Inaugural Roadside Stand! What fun it was to meet and talk with you. We love knowing that thanks to our collective efforts there are now 2,500 more native plants in area gardens. As we look ahead to bigger and better things for 2022 we are asking for your help to spread the Grow Native word to family, friends and neighbors. Let's encourage many others to embrace more ecologically minded gardening practices and really get Barrington (and beyond) buzzing.

Our very best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for being part of the Prickly Ed's Cactus Patch Gardening Family!


Getting Ready for Winter, Planning for Spring

Our winterberry shrubs were beautiful and loaded with berries this year. At least until these two big bucks discovered them. Fall is our favorite time in the native plant garden, and this year did not disappoint.

We haven't even settled in for the winter, but are already planning and ordering for spring. You can look forward to our signature Prickly Pear Cactus, lots of neonicotinoid free native plants, unusual pollinator favorite annuals and certified organic herbs and veggies along with some locally curated treasures at the 2022 Roadside Stand. Is there something special on your plant wish list? Drop us a line and we will do our best to accommodate requests. For folks looking to do large scale planting we can even offer trays of 32-50 native plugs, a great and economical way to fill in large spaces. Contact us for more information.

Along with plants, we're excited to let you know that we will be carrying some Earth Care Farm products, including compost, potting soil and raised bed mix. Good soil is the essential foundation to low maintenance native plantings. Gardeners refer to Earth Care Farm products as "magic dirt" and we are hoping that they will bring a nice touch of magic to your gardens too! Stay tuned for all the details on ordering, pickup and delivery.

Already dreaming of spring too? Get planning your pollinator garden today!

Plan Your Pollinator Garden
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Plastic - We Hate it Too!

If you don't have a use for the pots the plants you bought from us came in, we are happy to take them back to reuse or recycle. You can drop them off by the barn anytime. Please know that we are actively exploring more environmentally friendly options for future seasons and over time hope to transition to biodegradable pots for most plants. Stay tuned for more details!

Be a Better Birdscaper

Birdscaping - it's for the Birds

Today the total number of birds in North America is estimated to be 29% less than in 1970. In other words, over the last half century the continent has lost more than one in four of its birds. Even abundant species not yet in danger of extinction have seen drastic reductions in numbers, mostly or entirely because of human activity. We are witnessing a mass bird die off in North America and time is running out. But the good news is that you can help, right in your own backyard. Birds need insects and native plants to survive! For many birds, native plants provide sources of food they cannot get any other way. By simply choosing native plants for our yards and public spaces, we can restore vital habitats for birds in our communities and help them adapt and survive in the face of climate change.

Learn More About Birdscaping
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Things Not Stuck on Cargo Ships at Sea!


Also known as #ShopSmall #BuyLocal ...

What better gift for the gardener on your holiday shopping list than a gift certificate to Prickly Ed's Cactus Patch, Roadside Stand and Apothecary?! These whimsical certificates can be mailed, or, if you'd like to pick them up, we are happy to festively package them for the perfect unique gift. Send us a message or give us a call to place your order for holiday delivery!

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What's Cooking in the Apothecary?

Our famous Barneyville Brews Winter Syrup is nearly ready. This spiced twist on elderberry syrup is made with all organic ingredients and includes honey from hives right here on Barneyville Road. It's a favorite of friends and family far and wide who swear by it for warding off what ails you - also great on pancakes, as a yogurt topper or mixed with some sparking wine. Unfortunately though we can't really sell you the syrup...

However...don't despair, right now we have a special promotion that you just might be interested in... if you purchase a stunning and one of a kind original piece of Early American Pattern Glass (our choice of piece for you) for the amazing bargain price of $20.00 you'll receive a beautiful 12oz jar of Winter Syrup complete with a lovely dipper stick, decorative charm and custom label as our special gift to you! All festively packaged together in a lovely gift bag for pick up just in time for the holiday. What's Early American Pattern Glass you ask? Made in America from 1860-1910 it was the glassware of the common American housewife, who couldn't afford fancier crystal from overseas. There are over 1,000 patterns made, all with a great history. Talk about a unique gift that will make you the life of the party! Send us a message to place your order today.

And for all our Dragon's Breath Fire Cider Fans (we know who you are!) be on the lookout for our Groundhog Day Newsletter for information on how you can get your hands on a bottle of this year's extra spicy batch. It's steeping right now and after it sits through two full moons will be ready for bottling up!

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Winter Reading List

Head on over to the Prickly Ed's Cactus Patch Blog - Musings from the Cactus Patch - to see our latest post featuring a wintertime reading list curated just for all of you! Here's a couple of our very favorite excerpts from featured books!

“If we humans are capable of turning hundreds of millions of acres of rainforest into depleted grasslands, and extirpating millions of buffalo from the plains, and billions of passenger pigeons from the skies and cod from the North Atlantic, we are also capable of returning natives to our gardens.” from Nature's Best Hope by Doug Tallamy

“Your garden is a protest. It is a place of defiant compassion.

It is a space to help sustain wildlife and ecosystem function while providing an aesthetic response that moves you. For you, beauty isn’t just petal-deep but goes down into the soil, farther down into the aquifer and back up into the air and for miles around on the backs and legs of insects. You don’t have to see microbes in action, birds eating seeds, butterflies laying eggs, ants farming aphids….Your garden is a protest for all the ways in which we deny our life by denying other lives. Plant some natives. Be defiantly compassionate.” from A New Garden Ethic by Benjamin Vogt

See Our Wintertime Reading List Over on the Blog

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Wishing you a Peaceful Winter Season and Many Blessings in the New Year!

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