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December 2018
Paul Gottsegen, pictured left, with Board Co-Chair, Alice Leung, and Board member, Jeffrey Netzer

As we wrap up 2018, I want to thank you for your support of the Gastric Cancer Foundation. Whether you are a patient, a family caregiver or a concerned community member who understands the urgency of our mission, we want you to know that your generosity and involvement powers all that we do.

2018 has been a year of continued hope and progress. Everyone who is touched by stomach cancer is looking for help, for hope, and for a community that will lift them up. Through our many partnerships and strategic grants, the Gastric Cancer Foundation is mobilizing some of the brightest lights in the scientific community and ensuring more focus on this disease. From what we've seen over the past year, there truly is hope, and I believe we are on a path toward a cure. 

Beyond the science, this year we rolled out an important initiative to help gastric patients find the right match for new clinical drug trials, and we introduced Smart Patients, an online community for patients and caregivers to connect and share ideas. With your continued generosity, we will deliver even more support in 2019.

I wish you and your loved ones a healthy and hopeful new year!

New Video! The Stories Behind Gastric Cancer
Did you know that despite being the fourth most common type of cancer worldwide, gastric cancer receives less than one half of one percent of federal cancer research funding? 

Our newest video shares the stories of two families impacted by gastric cancer and why they believe in the Gastric Cancer Foundation's work to find a cure.

Research Roundup
Sometimes research can be easier to follow when you can hear it directly from scientists who are making breakthroughs.

Watch this new video on the implications of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 2 amplification for GI cancer treatment. In another video, Dr. Syma Iqbal, Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California, discusses second- and third-line therapies in gastric cancer in OncLive .

In a Practice Update video interview with a leading author at ESMO, researchers discuss new options for patients with HER2+, including margetuximab plus pembrolizumab in HER2-positive advanced gastric cancer. Lastly, in another video interview , Dr. Smyth discusses TAS-102 for refractory, metastatic gastric cancer.

Follow us on social media for the latest research news and visit for all of the latest news about research progress.
Connect Through Smart Patients
When you participate in a peer-to-peer community, you not only receive support but also share and learn from the experiences of other patients. This is why we invite you to join Smart Patients, a supportive online community for gastric cancer patients and caregivers. From treatment choices to pre-op questions and more, members are asking and sharing questions every day!

Joining the Smart Patients community is safe, simple, easy and free! Join us today.
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