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Holiday Year-End Special

Qualify to get an extra 5% off your purchase of a Universal Robot and/or Robotiq hardware, if you attend our 12/5 Collaborative Robots workshop , and place your order before 12/25.
New Cognex 3D-Designer Class
This class gives new and existing DS1000 users an overview of the hardware and software used by Cognex Designer to quickly and efficiently program the system for 3D vision inspections. With the focus on understanding 3D image acquisition basics as well as core 2D and 3D tools, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application using programming best practices of the Cognex Designer interface. Students will learn to use advanced techniques and practices to accomplish their vision application needs such as user access, data storage, and HMI design. 

Automate Finishing Tasks the Easy Way
Automate finishing tasks the easy way by combining Robotiq Hand-E’s strong grip and IP 67 rating to Finishing Copilot’s powerful software tools. Make sure the robot offers a flawless finish over the whole part’s surface by operating with constant speed and force.

  • Save hours of programming
  • Compensate for external tool wear
  • Program on an intuitive interface
  • Operate with any expertise level
  • Automate one of the toughest, dirtiest jobs
Ensure Flexible Transportation of
Heavy Loads & Pallets
With the new MiR Shelf Lift, the MiR500 and MiR1000 can autonomously connect to a cart, transport and deliver it wherever you need. It ensures a flexible transportation of your heavy loads of different sizes and your pallets, without the need for a pallet rack. One robot can now pick up and deliver multiple carts, wherever you need them. 

  • Can be deployed in different lift tasks
  • Extremely stable and safe transportation of carts and heavy loads in highly dynamic environments
  • Requires no changes to the existing facility
Easily Detect Defects or Nonconformity,
Even with Complex or Variable Shapes
This LMI Gocator tool allows you to compare profiles to a master template and easily detect defects or nonconformity, even when the part shape is complex or curved, and orientation is variable. It helps inspection of parts regardless of their position and angle.
  1. A Gocator scans the material and generates a 3D profile
  2. Next, in the browser-based Gocator interface, you apply the profile template matching tool to align the 3D profile to a master template profile
  3. The tool returns measurements that represent various differences between the profile and the master
  4. In the data viewer, the profiles are rendered using different colors
  5. You then choose what to do with this data, and can output it to other tools
Get a Free Euromap Interface- the Industry Standard for Injection Molding Machine Connectivity
Get your free EuroMap interface with the purchase of a C-Series 6-Axis Epson robot. Featuring the best in class cycle times, precision, and motion range, Epson's C-Series 6-Axis robots are ideal for a variety of applications. Specifically advantageous for large jobs in tight spaces, the unique SlimLine design of these robot arms is unparalleled in the factory automated robotics industry. Light in weight, but heavy on power, the C-Series utilizes EPSON's vibration control technology delivering smooth and precise motion, each and every time.

The C4-Series features motion range from 600-900 mm and 4 kg payload while the C8-Series ups the ante with motion ranging from 711 mm all the way up to 1400 mm and 8 kg payload.

  • High Speed with Low Vibration for Maximum Productivity
  • Compact Design for Maximum Flexibility
  • ISO Clean and ESD Compliant Models Available
Employee Spotlight-
Meet Trevor

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