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November 2016  
Welcome to the first Timeless Natural Food newsletter! We're glad to have you as a customer, friend, and supporter! Did you know that, although Timeless Seeds, Inc., is a small Montana company, we offer the most extensive selection of organic lentils in America? And our heirloom grains are ancient precursors of modern wheat and barley, tracing their origins back 10,000 years to the time when grains were first domesticated by humans.

Going beyond lentils: our split peas and chickpeas are pulses too: just as nutritious and just as versatile as lentils. Perfect for so much more than pea soup and hummus! Together, our pulses and grains are protein "power houses" and bring color, flavor, and texture to all kinds of dishes. They range from the familiar to the truly unique and offer a palette from which to create everything from breakfast to dinner, from appetizers to entrees, and even breads and desserts.
Inspiration and Information
Every month this newsletter will come with recipes that will inspire you to prepare and serve dishes that will convince even the pickiest eater to try something new. You'll learn preparation techniques (ever heard of the "coffee pot method" of preparing lentils?), selection and storage recommendations, and processing info that will help you choose the most nutritious grains (a simple issue of whole, semi-pearled, and pearled grains). Lots more to come!!
Enjoy, share, comment, submit your recipe ideas - we're here to listen! Email me anytime; if I don't have a handy answer, I'll find it for you. Check out our Facebook and Pinterest pages and our website for more!

Welcome! Take care, eat well, and be well!
Your editor, Gail Nickel-Kailing

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Holiday Inspiration! 
Sweets and Treats 

When I was growing up, Christmas morning was the one time of the year when we kids could have anything we wanted for breakfast. Because my mother spent weeks making cookies, candies, and bars, we always had a huge tray of sweets out for the holiday. So what did we do? Had treats for breakfast! Take your pick!! These will make an amazing display for friends and family! 

Peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips, and lentils: vegan, gluten free, and healthy!

Made with whole wheat flour and layered with cooked lentils, coconut, and pecans.

Sweet and fragrantly spicy; with butterscotch chips, walnuts, and lentils!

Regardless which holiday you celebrate this time of the year, why not have an "anything for breakfast" day? Or as an alternative, "anything for dessert" evening? Try your hand at these bite-sized goodies made with lentils or chickpeas - and all sweet treats for kids of all ages.  
 Lentil Underground 
Lentil Underground by Liz Carlisle
Still Christmas shopping? Lentil Underground is the perfect gift for folks interested in food, farming, and community building. It's the story of Timeless Seeds and the little company that could...

The book tells the story of a small farmer on a 280-acre patch of land in the Northern Great Plains, who dared to take a stand against agribusiness by planting what others considered weeds.

Buy your copy here. Get the lentils and grains mentioned in the book from Timeless Seeds here.
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Sexy Sides: Warm Salad of Roast Beets, Lentils, and Balsamic Onions
OK, maybe you wouldn't call an all vegetable side dish "sexy," but I DID get your attention! And this dish will too! Get the recipe here.

Serve this one warm or cold, it's a winner. I must admit, I LOVE roasted beets so just about any recipe in which they appear is a "favorite" recipe! And this one just cries out for Timeless Black Beluga LentilsĀ®, doesn't it?

The "balsamic onions" in this recipe are about to become a new favorite too - slow cook 8 thin sliced onions in 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar and you have candied onions. You could even call it "onion jam!"   
Cooking with Pulses 
This excellent 5-minute video will show you how to cook lentils, chickpeas, split peas, and other legumes. Who knew it was so easy? 
Download pdfs of Timeless Food's latest info sheets to learn more:
Little Known Lentil Facts - Fascinating bits of information about these mysterious little seeds.
Making Good Lentil Choices - How to select and store lentils.
Time to Get Cooking - Cooking advice that ensures perfect lentils every time!
Lentils: A Nutritional Powerhouse - Protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, oh my!
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