OFI would like to wish you a very happy holiday season!
This holiday season why not give gifts that keep on giving?
When you purchase gifts from OFI, you are not only giving something unique and meaningful, you are also supporting OFI's conservation and orangutan rehabilitation efforts in the rainforests of Borneo. 

Show your friends and family how much you care by giving them a very special gift that will warm their hearts and bring smiles to their faces! Foster Parents receive stories and photos of their foster orangutans every six months. Intro Kits include a certificate made out to the foster parent, information about orangutans, OFI's programs, and field work in Borneo, a biography of your chosen foster orangutan and photographs. You can chose to have information sent via post or by email. 

Bayat came into OFI's care when she was only a few months old. Still a baby today, she relies heavily on the love and care of her caregivers. ...read more about Bayat!

Little Cory came from a palm oil plantation not far from one of OFI's protected forests. With her pursed lips and big, surprised looking eyes, it is hard not to melt when you see her.  ...read more about Cory Marder!

George Baru was a tiny infant when he first arrived at OFI's Care Center. Since his arrival, he has become increasingly independent and lively. Although he spends time climbing alone, George Baru prefers to be in the company of his friends. ... read more about George Baru!

Krista has a beautiful, benign face that can make you turn your head and an equally captivating personality. Krista's arrival at OFI's Care Center is unique - she was born there. Sadly, Krista's mother rejected her shortly after birth.   ... read more about Krista!

Mason came into OFI's care after losing his mother. Recovering from this trauma has been a struggle for him. But recently his development has been slowly progressing. ... read more about Mason!

Mr. Bernie's striking eyes make him stand out, and are a true testament to his beautiful and mischievous personality. When Mr. Bernie walks about the forest floor, his eyes shift from side to side as if he is on a devious, top-secret mission. ...read more about Mr Bernie!

Other great gift ideas!

Palm Oil Free Luxuries
We have aromatic palm oil-free lotions and candles as well as soap bars in eight exotic scents, including the Mocha Java and Japanese Citrus Chamomile scents.
Orangutan Toys & Stories
Who wouldn't want to cuddle up with an orangutan plush toy while watching the touching documentary Born to be Wild?


"In Honor" Donation

For those on your list who already have it all, why not make a donation in their honor?
As always, we at OFI appreciate your support in our conservation efforts, whether you are thinking of us for your holiday shopping or  donating to us directly . 
To ensure the delivery of merchandise items and hard-copy Foster Kits in time for Christmas this year, place your order by December 1st for international orders or  December 9th for orders within the US. To ensure the email delivery of digital Foster Kits, please place your orders by December 21st.