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An artistic digital illustration of a pasta plate

Magic Noodles

Let's talk about the science of food, and turn our bowl of rice noodles different colors before we eat it.

Two Sessions offered:

Grade 6-12 Jan 7 4-5:00 est

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Grades 3-6 Jan 28 2-3:00 est

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icons dumplings of different countries graphics one line

Russian Dumplings

Hand make Pelmeni, the popular Russian Dumplings. We will make a potato and pea filling for dinner, as well as a berry dessert.

Gr 6-12 Jan 14 4-5:30 est

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Gnocchi Pasta

Make hand made Ricotta Gnocchi, a popular pasta dish in Italy.

Grade 3-6 Jan 13 4-5:30 est

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Visit a farm & cook with eggs!

Eggs In a Basket is one of our favorite recipes! Learn about chickens and cook with eggs.

kids age 3-8 Jan 21 2-2:45

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Happy Holidays from our kitchen to yours.

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