Updates From The Coast
The health and safety of our residents, communities, and our visitors are still our highest priority.
Rest assured that people from all facets of our communities are tirelessly working together to make the needed adjustments and adaptations for a safe path forward.

Everyone, even our valued guests, are going to have to do things a bit differently from here on. 

We hope we can count on your adaptive spirit, understanding and patience as we slowly reopen our doors.  
Status Reports & Details
Holidays at the Beach
For those planning on visiting The Long Beach Peninsula, for the open spaces and great places for take-out for their holidays at the beach, we offer these tips for a safe and low stress visit.

Food Options
Prepare your special meal at a vacation rental or order a take-out feast from one of our great restaurants for your cabin or hotel room. Early reservations and pre-ordering are advised.

Shop Small
With Black Friday lines, Christmas crowds, malls, and box stores under restrictions opt instead for a leisurely stroll through our village shops and galleries to find a unique and thoughtful gift.

Feel good about supporting small, rural businesses that are remaining open at 25% capacity while MaskingUp! 

Consider gift certificates for lodging, restaurants, retail, activities and attractions to support our small businesses now for a gift that can be redeemed when the time is right. 
Storm Watching
A quintessential pacific northwest winter activity is coastal storm watching! Gear up and get outside to experience the awesome power and beauty of the stormy seas - safely of course!

Hearty souls find there is nothing like a beach walk in the wind and rain for a mental reboot. Or grab some take-out and watch from the comfort of your car at a beach approach, or park, if that’s more to your liking.
Happy Dogs on the LBP
What would holidays be without our Fur Family? Dogs (and people, too) LOVE the beach! 

We love seeing and sharing all the happy dogs at the beach, so we created a special “Dog of the Month” spotlight.

Just share a snapshot of your dog having fun on a visit to Pacific County or the Long Beach Peninsula with hashtag #LPBdog and we will select a lucky winner for a special interview and prize for your pooch!