December 2018
Holidays in Healthcare
When it comes to celebrating the Holidays, most people don't think . . . let's go to the hospital. But since holidays in healthcare are inevitable, think about ways that staff can spend with patients that will not only brighten their holidays but also yours.  

HELP! Engaging Leaders

As leaders, we have responsibility for defining quality care, providing resources to attain and sustain compliance and help staff understand their role in patient safety.

Hand Hygiene

Organizations should be continually striving to improve their compliance rates, but we must tackle various entry points to enhance compliance with hand hygiene.  Infection control plans must assess the hospital environment as well as the community.    Read More
Paper, Paper Everywhere!

 Courtemanche & Associats EC Document Management Service is a service-line designed to provide support to your institution in organizing your EC & LS documents. 

Developed with input from the field, our program will deliver tools for successful compliance to your accreditation and quality staff's fingertips. With C_APPS, you can expect:  
  • development of policies and procedures, 
  • educational presentations
  • documentation tools such as competency checklists, 
  • tracer tools 


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