Happy New Year!

It's a joy for me to share the first issue of the Holiness Legacy Newsletter for 2017. Also, I am so pleased to present Dr. Dan Schafer and World Gospel Mission to our readers. I've known Dr. Schafer for many years and we have worked together in ministry. He is a very capable leader and a strong proclaimer of the holiness message. It's with great excitement and anticipation that I am able to announce a new partnership with Dr. Dan Schafer and World Gospel Mission. Please read his statement below and rejoice with me.

Further, I will remain involved with Holiness Legacy but the operational aspect will be transferred to WGM.
God is up to something BIG!

Dr. Louie E. Bustle
Founding Director Holiness Legacy



New Year's Greetings!

It was my pleasure as a founding member of the vision team for Holiness Legacy to meet with the board and discuss a potential partnership with World Gospel Mission. As we moved through the conversation, we prayed together and brainstormed on how WGM with its interdenominational, holiness footprint would be ideal to carry on the ministry of Holiness Legacy. With great excitement the board voted to give the assets of Holiness Legacy to WGM and to transfer the mandate of reclaiming the message of heart holiness through WGM missionaries as well as through her many partners in ministry around the world.

As we start the New Year, I am personally committed to the message of spreading scriptural holiness around the world. I look forward to sending forth the newsletter each month and including a free book on holiness for you to download.
Have a wonderful New Year!

Dr. Dan Schafer, President
World Gospel Mission

Featured Article
Words of Wisdom For the New Year:  Dr. Dan Schafer

How to Break Free in the New Year
But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.
-Psalm 33:11
Each new year offers fresh possibilities. Often, we try to seize them through sheer determination, vowing to bootstrap ourselves into greater effectiveness or achieve new levels of holiness by redoubling our own human efforts. That's a waste of time. Our own effort will only produce more of the same results. To break free in the coming year, you'll need something more than willpower. You'll need to listen closely to the Lord, and look clearly at your ministry context.

Listen to the Lord

Scripture never promises that whatever you want will be accomplished. It's God's will that shall be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Avoid the subtle temptation to wrap your own vision in a cloak of spirituality. That will mean spending time alone with God, listening to Scripture, seeking the Spirit.

Open a new channel for God to speak through. Spend time before the Lord with an open heart and a blank sheet of paper. Listen.

Look at the Field

"Look around you," Jesus said, "and see how the fields are ripe for harvesting" (John 4:35). Often, we don't see what's right in front of us. If you have been in your current place of service for an extended period of time, you may need to take a fresh look at the fields around you. Who are the people? What are their needs? What opportunities have you missed? Seeing the field with fresh eyes will renew your energy.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit

What can you do to see your ministry context from a fresh perspective? Travel different roads. Speak with new people. Look, and listen. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your life to overflowing and sanctify you wholly.

God can do more in you and through you this year in more ways than you have thought possible. Step into this next season with renewed faith.

PRAYER: Lord, enable me to hear your voice and understand your vision for my life and my ministry. Amen.  

THINK ABOUT THIS: Name one thing you can do today that will open a new channel through which God can speak to you.  


January - Featured eBook

Bike Path Holiness: 31 Tips for Your Journey - Jerry Brecheisen

This great book offers 31 tips (road signs) for your spiritual journey. They will be as refreshing and practical as a sip from a bottle of water. Today's travel has some dangerous twists and turns; but God has provided a designated lane for the Christ-filled life. The way isn't drab. It's filled with his "presence" and "joy" as we go along. So let's put on our "helmet of salvation" and get ready for an awesome journey. 

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