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November 2012

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The goal of my holistic pediatric practice, and of this newsletter, is to inform and support parents to become more empowered as the primary health care providers for their children. Extending far beyond Western medicine's conventional treatments, holistic medicine and mindful parenting allow us to boost children's natural immunity, support their optimum health and wellness, safely heal any illnesses, and prevent disease-without dangerous side effects.  Holistic medicine provides us with the tools to nurture the physical, emotional, social and spiritual health of your children.


Over the coming months and years, I intend to use this newsletter to address some of your concerns as parents, share information that you might want to add to your knowledge base, and inform you of important issues and current events that are happening in the news, and in your area.


Together we can heal the whole child. Naturally.


Yours in Health,


Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD

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Winter Is Here!

Antibiotics Are Ineffective For Treating Common Cold Cough In Kids
cold remedies

Dr Palevsky's Comments: The authors state that, "Peripheral anti-tussives, like levodropropizine, seem to be the best way to relieve the symptoms of cough." Too bad they didn't use two or three other study groups. It would have been interesting to see the cough relief outcomes if one group was also given an herbal cough syrup or tea, another group was simply given a placebo, and a third group was given nothing and

just watched. In many cases, children who are not given anything may resolve their coughs along the same time frame as those who get the cough medicine. But, even children who are given a placebo may get better just as quickly because the parents are at least giving their children something to make them feel better. The care being given by parents to their children, in and of itself, can act as a therapeutic intervention, regardless of what they are administering in the spoon or the cup.......

Focus on the Flu

Researchers question influenza vaccine evidence

sick child 


Reassessing Flu Shots as the Season Draws Near 

Health care workers are refusing flu vaccinations and hesitant to offer them


vaccine kid

Italian Ministry of Health blocks the use and sale of Novartis flu vaccines 

2.3 million doses of flu vaccine recalled for "potential danger"

Evidence suggests inactivated flu vaccines "not having the desired effect"


Docs Say Choose Organic Food To Reduce Kids' Ex
Pesticide Free
posure To Pesticides 

How to Avoid Foods Made with Genetically Modified Organisms [GMOs]

Under Attack, NVIC Helps Americans Stand Up & Speak Out
Breaking News: Gardasil Fingerprints Found in Post-Mortem Samples

Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination: Causal or Coincidental?

Renaming diseases when vaccines fail or cause harm


Meet Your Microbes
Western Lifestyle Disturbing Key Bacterial Balance

Each month, Dr Palevsky will be answering a hot topic question......
Question Corner Question Corner Question Corner


Dr. Palevsky's Comments: Each time Tylenol is ingested into the body, there is a toxic byproduct of this medicine that can potentially destroy healthy liver cells when the body attempts to metabolize it. In order for the body to prevent the destruction of its own liver cells, the liver uses its own stores of glutathione to neutralize and eliminate this potential toxic chemical. When the body is in the midst of a stress, like fever or pain, it needs its own glutathione stores to deal with the stress and protect the body from whatever is causing the stress. Fever and pain are produced by the body to attack, and hopefully eliminate, whatever is contributing to the stress. Glutathione is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants and detoxifying agents in the body. When administering Tylenol into the body because of a stress, at the same time that the body is trying to handle and eliminate the factor(s) contributing to the stress, the stores of glutathione will be hijacked to deal with the toxic byproduct of Tylenol, instead of being able to appropriately respond to the stress. It's a case of taking from Peter and giving to Paul. By using Tylenol, the body's ability to eliminate the wastes and factors contributing to the stress is diminished, leaving the body with an increased amount of wastes, oxidants, and toxins. There are over 100 chronic illnesses in children and adults that have a deficiency of glutathione stores in the body. Using Tylenol before, during, or after a stress contributes to diminishing stores of the body's glutathione. Using Tylenol before, during, or after a stress in someone who has a chronic illness is ill-advised, and only further debilitates the body that is already debilitated from a chronic illness.




I'm curious, does anyone know if the same applies to Motrin?




Motrin causes other problems in the body, as do all the other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These drugs block the production of all types of prostaglandins in the body; the ones that induce an inflammatory immune response, and the ones that induce an anti-inflammatory immune response. The inflammatory response in the body is usually caused by a reaction to materials that have entered the body through any number of means (air, food, beverage, skin care products, nervous system, injections), that pose a threat to the health & integrity of the cells and organs. The anti-inflammatory response works by helping the body to remove the waste products created by the inflammatory response, and whatever materials entered & threatened the body that caused the need for the inflammatory response in the first place. The inflammatory & anti-inflammatory immune responses are active in our bodies all the time. And, most of the time we don't even know it because they are operating under the radar, without us experiencing the effects of these responses. We are often exposed to impurities that cause our immune system to trigger an inflammatory response, but if we're balanced in our bodies, we will remove these waste materials through the normal anti-inflammatory mechanisms (exhaling, stooling, urinating, sweating/smelling, sleep, rest, exercise), without the need for the body to develop symptoms to accomplish this feat. The symptoms of inflammation (redness, swelling, heat/fever, & pain), and the symptoms to remove the inflammation (sneezing, coughing, mucus production, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, rashes, malaise, body aches, increased sleep) will only occur when the cells and organs have been exposed to more waste materials than can be tolerated by the body, before cell & organ function begin to diminish. Waste materials and inflammatory materials must be removed from the body in order to preserve optimal cell function, even if it has to be accomplished through the development of symptoms. If the body has a febrile response, it is working to attack, and remove, the waste materials that have built up in the body over time due to any number of stressors, that if allowed to remain in the body, will threaten the optimal function of the cells and organs in the body. The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) prevents the much-needed immune response that attacks the increased load of impurities that have entered & threatened the body, and stops their removal along with all of the the waste materials and inflammatory debris that was produced by the inflammatory immune response to protect the body. By using these drugs, a person may feel better, but the immune system is stopped from fully accomplishing its task of clearing out the junk. These waste materials linger in the body until the body is hopefully able to succeed at purging them, in spite of the outside attempts to suppress the necessary anti-inflammatory immune response that works to clear them out. More often than not, the symptoms of fever and pain are prolonged in people who use these medications because the body is fighting desperately to maintain its necessary immune response in order to protect the health of the cells and organs. One other problem with using these NSAIDs is that in reaction to seeing these drugs, the immune system produces more potent inflammatory markers, called leukotrienes, in place of the prostaglandins. The body is smart. If it needs to attack impurities and remove them, the use of NSAIDS to block the inflammatory & anti-inflammatory prostaglandins from doing their job will only push the body to sidestep the process and produce other ways of trying to keep the body healthy. The only problem is that the inflammatory leukotrienes that are produced in place of the inflammatory prostaglandins are more potent inflammatory agents than prostaglandins themselves, and 1000 times more potent than histamines. People who have too many inflammatory leukotrienes in their body (e.g., asthma, eczema, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease) will be hurt by the use of NSAIDS because leukotriene production will increase, further exacerbating their conditions. People who have too many inflammatory leukotrienes in their bodies will also be further hurt if they eat a diet of partially hydrogenated oils, high omega-6 foods, fried foods, processed vegetable oils, simple sugars and processed flour products. What is lost in the whole translation of what it means to have symptoms of pain and fever, is that these symptoms play an important role in how the body works to get well. By suppressing the important steps the body needs to take to clear out impurities by administering acetaminophen and NSAIDs, we delay the time it takes for the body to get well, and we ever-so-gently, and sometimes not-so-gently, create the opportunity for chronic illness to set in. Chronic illness is merely the result of an accumulation of too many wastes in the body beyond what the cells and organs can tolerate. As a result, people with chronic illness experience constant symptoms, and constant cell & organ dysfunction. The use of these over-the-counter medications, along with other prescription drugs, perpetuates the picture of chronic symptoms, and never allows the body to clear out the impurities in order to get well...


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Dr. Palevsky is a board certified pediatrician who utilizes a holistic approach in his work with children and families. 


Dr. Palevsky received his medical degree from the NYU School of Medicine in 1987, completed a 3-year pediatric residency at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and enrolled in a 1-year fellowship training program in the out-patient department at Bellevue Hospital/NYU School of Medicine. 


Since 1991, his clinical experience has included working in pediatric emergency medicine at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx, NY, serving as the Chief of the Pediatric Acute Care Unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, and working in in-patient and out-patient pediatric medicine, neonatal intensive care medicine, and newborn and delivery room medicine. 


Dr. Palevsky has also worked in a conventional, holistic and integrative pediatric practice at the NYC Beth Israel Center for Health & Healing- an integrative and complementary care medical facility.

Currently, he runs his own holistic pediatric practice in Northport, NY and Manhattan. Dr. Palevsky teaches holistic integrative pediatric & adolescent medicine to parents, and medical and allied health professionals, both nationally & internationally. 


Dr. Palevsky is a former Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Past-President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABIHM).


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