Each one of us have to take responsibility for our own lives. We can't blame it on our mother, father, brother or ex. As we grow and realize we are our biggest advocate, we also realize that, "If I don't do it, no one will." So let me share with you the top 5 Basics I always recommend.

1st Basic
Breathing, deep healthy breathes into your lungs. Your body needs air to keep your muscles strong and you brain working. The deep breathes relax your muscles and when you stay focused on those breathes you are relaxing your mind also! This is a key piece to mindfulness and inner peace. I recommend every hour purposely taking 10 deep breathes.

2nd Basic
Water, lots of fresh clean water. Water hydrates your muscles and brain and keeps you more active. Dehydration can lead to foggy thinking, muscle cramping, especially at night, and all your organs need water to stay in working condition. The average person needs 8- 8oz glasses per day but some people may need more or less as other factors come into play. In hotter areas of the world much more water is needed to stay hydrated.

3rd Basic
Nutrition is your fuel, so eating right will increase you performance. Your body needs a variety of minerals, vitamins and other good stuff to keep you healthy, Remember that your brain needs different nutrition than your bones and your eyes need different nutrition that your liver. Variety is key. Remember that fruits and vegetables intake the sun, aka energy, you ingest the food, therefore you are eating the energy. There are very different minerals in green beans than there are in watermelon and lemons and nuts are needed in different places of the body. It is because different body parts need different nutritional values. When choosing variety one great hint is to eat food the color of the rainbow.

4th Basic
Movement is important to keep those muscles pliable and strong. Stretching, strengthen and making it enjoyable is key! I personally use dancing and the Tibetan 5 Rites. I get a cardio in and stretching and strengthening. But I love yoga, martial arts, running and other activities and support what whatever works for you. The important part is to pick something you know YOU will enjoy while you are doing it. And YES, Dancing does count. Just put your heart and soul in to it!

5th Basic
Attitude is key. When you practice helping others and only trying to find the good in others it assist your endorphins by sending you that feel good energy. Science has proven that a happy positive attitude also leaves you with a healthier body. Did you even notice when you focus on pain, you get more pain and if you focus on warm, fuzzy love you get more warm, fuzzy love. (I love puppies)
So the truth is, "What you think about it what you bring about." So are you thinking happy and healthy or something else? If not, only YOU can change it!

Bonus 6th Basic
Sleep is very important, the quality and the quantity. Insuring you have adequate rest increases your physical stamina, lowers stress, increases memory, lowers blood pressure and puts you in a better mood. Some people need 5 hours while other people need 8. What is your number? There are many studies on the benefits of good quality sleep. Shut the lights off earlier, stay away from technology before bed, use aromatherapy, drink a relaxing tea or have a light massage to relax If you wake up feeling good, you are probably on the right track.This is all about you, your health and a great start to your day, every day!