Holland's Highlights
"K eep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. "  
´╗┐ -Galatians 5:13
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with your
´╗┐brothers and sisters in Christ.
Our church is still VERY MUCH ALIVE AND ACTIVE!

We are holding an Outdoor Worship experience from the safety of your vehicle! Click  HERE for details.

Don't miss Rev. Rich's mini-blog called, Rev. Rich's Rittings (available under the " Resources " tab on the website) and you can join us virtually every Sunday morning, starting at 8am, on our Facebook page ( Facebook.com/HollandsUMC ) or on our website, under the " Sermons " tab, for a weekly sermon and worship experience if you are unable to make it to our Outdoor Worship Service.

You are able to share prayer requests throughout the week through the " Contact Us " section on our website or by calling the office.

Giving tithes is still available through our website by clicking the "give" button in the top right corner of our website . It is also collected at our Outdoor Worship service or you may mail it to 9433 Ten-Ten Road, Raleigh, NC 27603 .

The church office has reopened. If you have any questions you may reach us on the office number (during regular office hours) or by email.

We will continue to check on our more senior members via email and phone and meet needs as they arrive. If you know of someone in need of help (grocery trip, pharmacy run, etc), please call or email us to make us aware!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the church office at 919-772-5294 or contact us through the website.
Starting THIS Sunday,  July 5, at 10:30am, we will be able to worship the Lord inside our Sanctuary together! We will still have our amazing Drive-In service, now at 8:30am  (to beat the heat), along with our on-line worship service. All three of our services will have the same message and songs; you will have the option to choose which service you feel most comfortable attending.

We will not be offering nursery or in-person Sunday School at this time. Some Sunday Schools have been meeting online via Zoom, so check with your Sunday School leader for more information.

We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes early so that the ushers have time to guide each family unit to their pew.

If you, or someone you have been in contact with, has recently been exposed to COVID-19 or have experienced any of the below symptoms, please attend either our Outdoor Worship experience or our Virtual Worship experience. We appreciate your willingness to help keep everyone safe!
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle Pain
  • Headache
  • Sore Throat
  • Loss of Taste or Smell

The services will still require following recommended social distancing guidelines for the safety of our church family. There will be some restrictions and inconveniences, but we will be praising the Lord and sharing our faith together! Listed below are some of the changes to expect at our 10:30 Sanctuary worship service.

  • Face masks or face coverings will be required. Face masks will be available for those who do not have one.
  • Entry and exit to the sanctuary is ONE-WAY at ALL TIMES.
  • Entry via the narthex
  • Exit through the outside door on the right side of the sanctuary.
  • Entry will only be through the narthex. Ushers will guide congregants for seating; no open seating.
  • Family groups will be allowed to sit together. 6 Foot spacing will be created between family units.
  • Our Sanctuary will only be filled to 50% capacity. Ushers will direct congregants to overflow areas as needed.
  • Ushers will ask each family for their name and best contact information (phone number/email). This information is being collected just in case we come to find out that someone who was present has tested positive for Covid-19. If this happens, we would be able to contact everyone who was present to make them aware (anonymously, of course).
  • Water fountains are not to be used; small water bottles are available if needed.
  • Only the Fellowship Hall restrooms will be open for use and occupancy is limited to the number of stalls.
  • Anyone waiting to use a restroom will need to wait in the Fellowship hall and maintain 6 feet of spacing.
  • Fire doors are closed and are to remain closed. There will be no access to hallways.
  • All ushers will be wearing a mask and gloves.
  • The ushers will open and close doors as needed.
  • Exiting the sanctuary after service will be by pew (one pew at a time) to the outside door to the Fellowship Hall.
  • The Fellowship Hall door will be open to allow for contact-free passage to exit from the Fellowship Hall main doors.
  • Collection baskets will be located to the right and left of the door.
  • A trash can will be located outside the door for the collection of empty water bottles and used communion kits.

We are looking forward to all God has planned for us as we continue to be the church, sharing our faith with each other and the world in these challenging times.

I rejoiced with those who said to me, "Let us go to the house of the LORD."  -Psalm 122:1

Outdoor Worship Service

Join us TODAY Sunday,  July 5, for another exciting worship service!

We love being able to worship together, from the safety of our vehicles.
Think: Drive-In Movie style, with the speakers being your own car speaker!

In order to beat the heat, the service will take place at  8:30am Sunday , at  9684 1010 Road , about a 1/4 mile east of the church. Look for a large, beige warehouse. You will see signs as you get close to guide you.  Please arrive a few minutes early  to allow time for parking. There will be outdoor attendants directing cars where to park.

When you arrive, set your radio frequency to  89.5 FM .
If you would like to have a copy of the words to the music, please click  HERE  to print in advance. The order of worship is   HERE .

CHILDREN! Feel free to allow your child(ren) to bring noise makers and to stand up through the sunroof or out the windows during the young disciples message! We want to hear and see those beautiful children!

There will be an opportunity for safe-distance tithing at the service.

PLEASE keep in mind: In order for us to stay in compliance for social distance worshiping, everyone MUST STAY IN THEIR VEHICLE. We understand you miss your church friends terribly, but please say "hi" by flashing your lights, honking, or hollering "hey" from the safety of INSIDE your vehicle. THANK YOU!

For those who are unable to attend, we will still have our virtual worship service available on our  Facebook  page and our website starting at 8am Sunday.

We are so excited to "see" everyone who is able to come from a safe distance!
Join Us For A Virtual Worship Experience!

You can join us for a weekly sermon and worship experience every Sunday morning, starting at 8am (and available all day), on our Facebook page or on our website, under the " Sermons" tab.

You will be able to share prayer requests throughout the week through the " Contact Us" section on our website and Katie will be handling all phone calls Monday-Friday.
Upper Room Devotional

For those who are wanting the July/August issue of the Upper Room devotional, we now have them available! They are located outside of the main entrance, inside of a grey bin. These devotionals are available for anyone. Feel free to come whenever is convenient for you.

The Upper Room daily devotional provides a practical way to listen to scripture, connect with believers around the world, and spend time with God each day.

Each devotion includes a suggested Bible passage, a personal story relating the message of the scripture to daily life, a thought for the day, a prayer, and a prayer focus.
We are connecting with our youth virtually during this unprecedented time. More info will come to youth and parents by email. If you are not receiving email for our Youth Ministries and would like to, contact Susan at  susan@hollandsumc.org

Holland's Kids
It is even more important now that we keep God at the center of our hearts, minds, and families. Our children should see that we can always rest our faith in our Lord, and even though they may have a break from "normal" activities, we can't take a break from God.  

Visit our  HollandsKids  website for resources to use on Sundays or throughout the weeks ahead. There are videos, activity pages and parent guides for all of our children's age groups. We will keep uploading resources as the curriculum becomes available:
Garner Area Ministries has opened for donations again. Families in our community will benefit from the food items we donate regularly.  Please prayerfully consider leaving items at the church drop-off bin or dropping them off at the GAM offices on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 9am - 1pm. 

On behalf of Sandra Irving and Carolyn Middleton, thank you so much for taking action to help others in need during this time. It seems so many are suffering from unemployment and uncertainty.  We can be the hands and feet of Christ today!

Samaritan's Pantry is a church-wide ministry to help those in need. Each month, we suggest an item of the month, or you can bring an item you have on hand. A donation basket is located in the hallway near the church office.

Suggested items for June:
Four & Sugar (2 lb bags)
´╗┐Contact: Sandra Irving; 919-977-0295
In order to reduce exposure and help slow the spread of the virus within our church community, we will not be having small groups or Bible Study classes.

Check with your bible study leader or Sunday School leader to see if virtual classes are being offered!
H.O.P.E. Ministry
Thank you to everyone for your help with H.O.P.E Ministry. It has been a blessing for all. As we all know, H.O.P.E Ministry has been canceled until further notice.

Tom La Motto (representative of H.O.P.E Ministry for Garner UMC) contacted me (Cindi) a couple days ago and said nothing has changed with reopening H.O.P.E Ministry. Tom will be getting in touch with each person that leads H.O.P.E Ministry and have a Zoom meeting to see what the future may hold, so I will keep you updated. Just to let everyone know, the homeless have not been forgotten at all!

If anyone has any questions you can contact me at:
  cwhitaker7@nc.rr.com  or  919-616-6420
Join us Sunday mornings at 8:30am for a drive-in worship experience! Please stay in your vehicle so that we can continue worshiping together.

Starting today, July 5, you can join us at 10:30 for a blended worship service in our sanctuary!

You can also join us Sunday mornings on our Facebook page or Website for a virtual worship service from home!
We are a caring community that invites and equips people to follow Jesus.
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