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Cokie Cox stands on top of a snow covered mountain with her arms raised
Reaching her peak

After the pandemic delayed her plans by a year, Cokie Cox is finally at base camp on Mount Everest. Cox and the rest of the team recently hiked up into the Khumbu Icefall for the first time and continue to make final preparations to summit the 29,032 foot peak.

Cox's climb is part of her Everyday Everest campaign, a multi-year endeavor to raise money for MUSC Hollings Cancer Center and generate awareness about cancer prevention and screenings.
Check out Cox's training regimen and learn more about her motivation for climbing Everest in this video.
Prioritizing health and wellness

After losing friends and family to cancer, Cox wanted to find a way that would encourage people to take their health care seriously and prioritize health and wellness. Adopting healthy lifestyles and making regular doctor visits can seem like summiting a mountain for some, so Cox created her Everyday Everest health pledge to help people put their health first through everyday tasks.
Photo of Cokie Cox with quote that says As I walk up Mount Everest one step at a time you can help me by spreading awareness of cancer prevention by taking the health pledge and encouraging all those you love to do the same
Special gift

While Cokie is on her journey, if you make a donation of $50 or more, and take the health pledge, you’ll receive a free Everyday Everest T-shirt as a special gift from Cokie!
Tracking Cokie's progress

You can follow along with Cokie's progress as she makes her way up Mount Everest. The team's GPS location is updated regularly, so check back often.
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