Hollings Headlines // June 2021
Capping a remarkable career
Robert Stuart receives Order of the Palmetto plaque from Billy Swails
Rarely has an academic clinician-scientist spent an entire career dedicated to delivering lifesaving care, discovering the best and most effective care for his patients, reaching across borders to establish the most up-to-date care delivery in his field in other countries, training the next generation of care providers and establishing state-of-the-art stem cell transplant therapy for the entire population of South Carolina.

Dr. Robert Stuart has done all of these things and more.”

Dr. Raymond N. DuBois, Hollings director
Celebrating our survivors
As we wrap up National Cancer Survivor Month, we are thankful for all of our survivors who share their stories and serve as ambassadors about the amazing care that our doctors, nurses, and staff provide every day. Check out our latest video to see why these survivors choose Hollings.
Research Spotlight
Weston with Nancy Klauber-DeMore and her daughter and husband
Osteosarcoma breakthrough
Dr. Nancy Klauber-DeMore stands in her lab
Dr. Nancy Klauber-DeMore took innovative work she was doing in breast cancer and applied it to osteosarcoma after her daughter's best friend, Weston, lost his life to this disease as a teen.

Her efforts are bearing fruit, showing promise in finding a potential treatment for aggressive pediatric osteosarcoma, a cancer that has not seen new targeted therapies for over 20 years. We join her in honoring the memory of a lost friend.
CAR-T-cells attack cancer cell
Making CAR-T-cell therapy safer and more effective
Dr. Brian Hess and William Donevant in exam room
A new project led by Dr. Brian Hess and Dr. Shikhar Mehrotra at Hollings could significantly decrease the side effects associated with CAR-T-cell therapy and make the treatment available to more patients. See how researchers are creating a purified version of CAR-T-cells.

Thanks to this new therapy, cancer patients like William Donevant are getting a second chance at life.
Helping our youth
screenshots of vaping cessation app
Most adolescents who want to stop vaping find it hard to quit. Dr. Jennifer Dahne wants to make it easier, and with the help of a small business technology transfer grant to develop an innovative app, she just might find a way to help adolescents kick the habit using technology they like. The app also addresses depression, which many of these adolescents battle as well.

“We have this opportunity here to intervene early to help folks to quit vaping and perhaps cut that progression to transitioning to cigarette smoking. I think that’s why it is really important for our cancer control program,” Dahne said.
Liza Patterson holds her daughter
Cancer Chat podcast feature

In this month’s Cancer Chat podcast, lymphoma survivor Liza Patterson reveals her mental health struggles after finishing cancer treatment, and Hollings psychologist Dr. Wendy Balliet shares insight on cancer survivor guilt and other emotional struggles some cancer patients experience in their journeys.
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