Hollings Headlines // May 2020
COVID-19 News
COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium

Hollings Cancer Center is part of an exciting multinational consortium focused on providing the best care for cancer patients during the pandemic. Already, data it has collected has led to a study published yesterday in The Lancet (and presented at ASCO) that sheds light on how oncologists can provide the best treatment during this time. Dr. Antonio Giordano shares in this Q&A how the registry will have a positive impact on clinical care.
Harnessing the power of T cells to fight COVID-19

Hollings cancer researchers are joining the fight against COVID-19 in an innovative clinical trial. In cancer treatment, T cells are reprogrammed to kill cancer cells. Our researchers are applying this approach to COVID-19 in a clinical trial to test reprogramming T cells against the virus. The team developing the trial is a strong collaboration between basic and clinical science researchers, led by Besim Ogretmen, Ph.D.
Celebrating our Nurses!
We’ve been celebrating the hard work and dedication of our oncology nurses during May's Oncology Nursing Month. Check out what an amazing team we have and how our patients have joined in the conversation on Facebook.
T cells could be made into better cancer killers by increasing protein production

A new technique can be used to monitor protein production in T cells and understand how it becomes depressed in the tumor microenvironment. Interventions could then be developed to restore T cells’ protein production and ability to control tumor growth. The team, led by Jessica E. Thaxton, Ph.D., recently reported its findings in a priority brief in Cancer Immunology Research.
Hollings announces its new fellowship program awardees
Hollings Cancer Center awarded funding to five scientists as part of the center’s fellowship program that is designed to train and support the next generation of cancer researchers who are making important advances in the field.
LOWVELO fellow finds cancer diagnosis a call to action
The first Hollings LOWVELO graduate fellow is Timothy Samec, a cancer survivor and Clemson researcher who is excited about the multidisciplinary science MUSC and Clemson will be doing together.
Hollings names Dr. Nancy DeMore as a clinical scholar
Nancy DeMore, M.D., recently was named a senior HCC clinical scholar. The HCC Clinical Scholar program helps physician-scientists balance their interconnected roles of healer, teacher, and investigator by providing them 20% protected time for research. Dr. DeMore’s research will focus on improvement of check-point inhibitor efficacy in metastatic osteosarcoma with anti-SFRP2 therapy.
Science Café goes Virtual
Check out this recent podcast (scroll down to segment 7) with Dr. Marvella Ford, associate director of the Population Science and Cancer Disparities program at Hollings Cancer Center, as she discusses unequal access to health care during this pandemic.
The Cancer Letter
In case you missed it, here's our announcement about the appointment of Shikhar Mehrotra, Ph.D., and Sophie Paczesny, M.D., Ph.D., as the new co-leaders of Hollings Cancer Center's Cancer Immunology program. The announcement also recently appeared in The Cancer Letter (scroll to the bottom) .
Parking Updates
There will be restricted parking areas for valet and patients beginning June 1. Employees who may be parking in those areas need to make alternate plans as those lots will no longer be available. Shuttles from the Hagood parking area will not be operational by June 1. Stay tuned as more details develop.

Thank you for helping keep our patients safe! We appreciate employees using the side entrances (garden or loading dock) to reduce the traffic flow through our front entrance, which is reserved for patients.
Got News?
Hollings’ communications team coordinates news on our web pages, video boards and social media channels as well as EurekAlert!, a news channel for more than 17,000 science journalists nationwide. Since February, the seven cancer stories that we have posted on that channel have had more than 30,000 page views. We appreciate all the great things happening in our clinics and labs. Please contact us with your news and story ideas.
Nominate and Vote for Hollings!
Hollings Cancer Center has two events listed for The Post & Courier's Charleston’s Choice Awards. The inaugural LOWVELO, a fundraising bike ride across the Lowcountry, raised nearly $1 million to support cancer research. The 12th annual Gourmet and Grapes at The Sanctuary raised over $1 million for cancer research, patient support, and funding for a new mobile health unit. We would greatly appreciate your nominations in the following categories:

Lowcountry Favorites > Outdoor Event > LOWVELO
Lowcountry Favorites > Foodie Event > Gourmet & Grapes

To nominate our events, visit the Lowcountry Favorites page, and in the Lowcountry Favorites menu in the left hand column, scroll down and click on the Outdoor Event category and the Foodie Event category, then select our event.

Nominations are being accepted through June 14, then you can vote through June 26. Thank you!
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