All Things Important Newsletter -
April 2022
April Meeting Info
April 13, 2022

Next week we will be hosting Cartoonist Robert Clark from
Lawrence Barn
28 Depot Rd
Hollis, NH

Bob will be presenting a slide show on the basics of cartooning.

Amazing Opportunity for Members in Downtown Nashua
Hollis Arts Society is proud to announce the Grand Opening of our gallery space at 100 W. Pearl Street in the heart of downtown Nashua.

Every other month our exhibition space will rotate and host a new Featured Artist as well as assorted pieces by our current members. So if youve been wondering what your membership can do for you, it can get you into our refreshed gallery space and our Opening Night festivities will be paired with other big events in Nashua.

All art work will be for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the Greater Nashua Mental Health organization.

Public is welcome and can drop by the gallery starting May 19.
The Gallery at West Pearl will have an attendant on staff every:
Thursday from 12-5
Friday from 4-8
Saturday from 11-2

All members of the Hollis Arts Society are invited to submit their artwork for possible exhibition. You can find our exhibitor info here:

You Can Participate in an Artistic Fundraiser !!

Spring 2022 Remote Iron Melt at Andres Institute of Art in Brookline NH is happening in late April and the pour will happen at Green Foundry in Maine on Saturday, May 7.

Information about the process, Dates for Drop-off and Pick-up of your metallic art can be found at the link below:

Please contact Andres Institute of Art for any information as Hollis Arts Society is not sponsoring this event.

Parish Center for the Arts ~
Opportunity for HAS Members
Hollis Arts Society is putting together a collection of work by our members to be on exhibit at the Parish Center for the Arts down in Westford, MA.
There will be an artists' reception to kick the show off and EVERY Sunday of the month assigned, with artists present during opening hours 12-2p.
There is only wall space for 22-25 pieces of art so please rely to this email if you want more info and to be informed of dates of importance.
More on the PAC here:

Meet April Guest Artist Robert Clark
This week, allow Bob Clark to be your guide to the weird, funny, creative, and terrifying world of how to be the Class Clown without really trying.

For Bob, it all started at age five when his Mom sent him to public school. Sent off on an adventure on the big yellow bus with Rocket the toy monkey that clipped onto his new Big Yellow number two pencil meant to keep him from drawing as she was well aware of where things were going.

As he stepped off the bus with Rocket, a large, angry women dressed all in black, wearing glasses the size of dinner plates grabbed Rocket and the pencil, grunting "I'll take that!" As soon as the crying stopped it turned to anger at Mrs. Black, the first-grade teacher and newest victim of Bob's cartoons for the next year. Someplace in the world today, cartoons of Mrs. Black are still being circulated on a fact, this is your invitation to join Bob's Private Playground at the #CartoonList!

As it turns out, Bob was the victim of a person (Mrs. Black) who had no clue about Dyslexia and who thought dyslexic people were just stupid. One of Bob's passions is to teach people about dyslexia and overcome the stigma it still holds for many. You can go here to learn more about Dyslexia (the good, bad and ugly)

Bob Clark 
Pixel Swirl Studios 978-434- 37345

Voices of Emerging Artists
Social media has started to play a significant role in artists promoting their art in recent years and has allowed artists from around the world to connect. Some of the most prominent of these are Facebook and Instagram, which can be used to share pictures, videos, and products you are selling. Many young artists use these platforms to share art updates and communicate with other artists, and share art advice and the process of how they create their artwork. This is a handy tool because people can share tips and tricks, support other small businesses, and find inspiration from other artists.

Olivia, an artist who refinishes furniture, uses her social media, specifically Instagram, to promote her artwork for sale at her small business. She posts different things she will be selling at fairs and uses it to share what she is working on. She states that “it’s easy to use, and you can set it up as a business account so you can see specific data [referring to how many people visit your profile],” highlighting Instagram’s unique features to help businesses on their app. Olivia's other experience from this app is that “Sharing my art has given me feedback on what people like, so I can take that and create other [products that they will enjoy],” showing that these apps can also allow you to judge if your product will be successful. Many of these features can be extremely helpful for small businesses to see how their product will form and make connections with customers both online and in person.

Mia is another emerging artist who uses Instagram to post and promote their art. She states that her favorite part of using this social media is, “The thing I like the most about Instagram is that there’s a large community of artists, and I can always look at other people’s art to get inspired! I’ve found that artists really support each other on the app, and I’ve made some artist friends through it.”

Many artists can connect through social media as well as network with companies and programs to further promote their art. Mia also explains that “sharing my art has made my art style develop a lot, and the main reason for this is probably that posting my art forces me to finish pieces and practice drawing more often than I would if I didn’t post my art,” highlighting another reason artists like to use this platform. Many people believe that posting daily holds them accountable for making progress daily on their work and setting goals for art improvement.

These two artists highlight some critical aspects of social media and the role it plays for artists in their businesses, and some of the benefits it can have. Many artists highly recommend starting your social media to promote your art, communicate with others, and interact with the online art community.

Links to Artist’s Instagram Pages:
Olivia (@anewleafinspirations) -
Article courtesy of Isabelle Colantuonio

Be a part of HAS in 2022...
Thinking about joining the Hollis Arts Society in 2022, but not sure? Here's what we have in store:
Engaging monthly presenters from masters of their discipline.
  • Workshops are TBA. If you are interested in sharing your talents please reply to this email.
  • Increased access to member shows, online and in-person.
  • More local artist networking and community.
  • Increased website presence.
Hollis Arts Society Mission
Support a creative arts and performance environment for emerging and producing Artists that focuses upon professional development, access to economic opportunities and social interaction among other artists and art patrons results in the cultural betterment of the larger Hollis, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts community. 
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