All Things Important Monthly Newsletter - March 2022
March Meeting Info
March 9, 2022

HAS is pleased to bring you a very special evening presentation...

World reknown pianist Virginia Eskin and the "NH Chronicler" John Gfroerer will be joining us to share their experience in the making of the remarkable documentary film about composer Amy Beach.

Beach was also a native to NH and gained fame as one of the first and few women composers of her era.

We will begin promptly at 7pm with a short introduction by Virginia and John and we will be screening film itself at 7:15pm.
Afterwards, there will be open Q&A with them and light refreshments.

This is one meeting you won't want to miss!!
Lawrence Barn
28 Depot Rd
Hollis, NH

Can't wait til Wednesday??
Here are a couple trailers of the film...

March Artwork courtesy of our "Emerging Voices" young artists
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Pinback Buttons & Accessories

A New Leaf / wood inspirations
Meet Virginia Eskin

Virginia Eskin,
a Boston and
New Hampshire resident, is a classical pianist with a large and varied repertoire. She has championed and recorded music written by American composers (Edward MacDowell, Arthur FooteGeorge Chadwick, George Gershwin and many others); women composers such as Amy BeachRuth Crawford Seeger, Louise Talma, Marion Bauer, and Vítìzslava Kaprálová; and music written by composers who perished during the Holocaust.
Virginia has also gained a reputation as a ragtime specialist and has found and recorded neglected works by American women. She created the “Ragtime Project” consisting of four CDs on the KOCH label and has appeared at the annual Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, Missouri.

Meet John Gfoerer
John owns Accompany, a video production company located at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, New Hampshire. Founded in 1995, Accompany produces documentaries, corporate and commercial videos, and videos for non-profit organizations. Accompany also offers event recording services with unbelievably quick turnaround. Post production services include editing, DVD authoring, Web video creation, VHS to DVD transfers, and DVD duplication.

John Gfroerer has over 35 years of experience in television production. He is also available for consultations, master classes, or presentations such as his popular New Hampshire Humanities program, “Television: The Art and Ethics of Manipulation.”

Documentaries produced by Accompany are seen regularly on
Maine and New Hampshire Public Television.

From Our Membership Director ~
Another thank you to those HAS Members who have paid their dues:)

One of the many benefits of your HAS membership is the upcoming re-opening of the Gallery on West Pearl St. You will have an opportunity to show and sell your artwork downtown Nashua! 
(information to follow soon) 

If you haven't yet paid, you are also not taking advantage of your presence on our website and a link to your webpage if you have one.
If you have paid and have website questions and/or artwork to show online, please email CherylO'Donnell.
If you are not sure about your dues status, please email me and I'll let you know!
Anne Wifholm -

Remember, if you pay your dues before March 31, 2022 the price to participate in the November Show will be $60. If you don't meet the March 31, 2022 deadline your price to participate in the November Show will be $125.

Simply fill out a membership form and enclose a check for $40 for 2022.  
Hollis Arts Society - PO Box 102 - Hollis NH 03049

Thank you for being a member!
Anne Wifholm
Membership Secretary

Voices of Emerging Artists
Now with more platforms to sell artwork online, young artists are able to make their own businesses on platforms like Etsy, Redbubble, in addition to in-person shows, which allows them to set up their own store and sell products. Many young artists have gone through many challenges and learned a lot from these online marketplaces, and from that have learned how to create a stronger art business from it.
Artists are able to sell a variety of products like pins, stickers, prints, physical copies of their artwork, and more, online. This allows them to have the invaluable experience of learning how to run and manage a business themselves, and in addition to that it allows them to share their artwork with others. Of course, young artists also face many challenges when running their businesses.
Meredith is a local emerging artist who sells her work on Etsy. She sells mainly accessories such as pinback buttons, acrylic charms/keychains, and enamel pins of characters for bags and backpacks on this platform. As she reflects on her experience selling her artwork and what she has learned, she says “the 'selling' is more important than the ‘art’”. For her, the process of learning from products that did not sell, and learning “to think more like the consumer” when creating products to sell has been eye opening. From this she has grown a successful art business, and her biggest piece of advice is to “reach out to other small business owners that have similar products that you want to sell.” 
You can find her work at:
Olivia is another local emerging artist who sells her work at in-person shows in addition to online. She states: “At my business A New Leaf and Wood Inspirations I sell refinished furniture, directional signs and arrows and inspirational plaques.” Her own take away from selling at in-person shows is “a lot of my refinished furniture was on the larger side and I got many comments and people liked the pieces but they didn’t know where to fit it”... meaning she also had to adjust what she was selling to fit her customers. In addition, she notes a specific positive quality of in-person art shows, “even if you don’t sell anything you get your name and business out there and you get to expense the event and see other people’s work and process”, highlighting the experience she has had at these shows.
You can find her work on instagram at: @anewleafandwoodinspirations
While these two artists have had very different experiences with selling platforms, and products, they have both learned how they have to fit their products to their customers. Throughout these various situations and learning experiences, it has allowed them to become better artists and learn how to improve their businesses.
Article courtesy of Isabelle Colantuonio

Be a part of HAS in 2022...
Thinking about joining the Hollis Arts Society in 2022, but not sure? Here's what we have in store:
  • Engaging monthly presenters from masters of their discipline:
February we will host glass artist and painter Scott Porter.
March brings us musician and filmmaker Virginia Eskin.
April you can meet cartoonist Bob Clark.
  • Workshops are TBA. If you are interested in sharing your talents please reply to this email.
  • Increased access to member shows, online and in-person.
  • More local artist networking and community.
  • Increased website presence.
Hollis Arts Society Mission
Support a creative arts and performance environment for emerging and producing Artists that focuses upon professional development, access to economic opportunities and social interaction among other artists and art patrons results in the cultural betterment of the larger Hollis, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts community. 
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